Let's talk about what's in my pump sight glass right now...pics included

So getting ready for a huge job tomorrow and prepping everything onto truck when I notice some grody stuff in the bottom half to third of the sight glasses and the fluid is way above what it should be.

Considering I live in the middle of nowhere I have a couple options and could use your advice. For One…what is it… ?:joy:

My options would be to drain fluid and re fill with non detergent stuff which I have or two, buy another pressure washer to use for that other job because there’s no way in hell I’m getting warranty work done and completed during the nice weather window of 3 days that I have currently. What are y’all’s thoughts?

For what it’s worth I thought ahead and have these on hand. Not sure if this is needed but I DO have them just in case…

Just drain it, add ND till it’s halfway up the site glass. You got a small leak but I’d worry about it after you did the job


I did and while I was there changed the oil as well. I wasn’t able to get all the junk out, so drained it again and it looks better but not all the way there. Hopefully it will do for tomorrow. Got that red roof from hell that I need to finish.