Left fuel valve turned on while transporting pressure washer - won't start

I left my fuel valve switch on the on position for a few days, forgot to turn off. today i was transporting it. get to job, pressure washer won’t start. tell owner that my machine won’t start… probably just a flooded carberateur (idk if that was really the case). So I get home. turn off fuel switch for a few hrs. try to start it… started it twice and it works. should i take any extra precautions now?

Replace the float and needle in the carb it shouldn’t flood out under any circumstances. Flooded carbs are a quick way to start a fire :fire:

At the end of the job we cut the fuel value off and run it until it shuts off. On washers and air compressor’s if they are gravity feed helps keep them from gumming up and not forgetting to cut the value off. Maybe clean or change the plug if it’s not fireing right up.


Cut the fuel valve off and run it until it shuts off… you mean you switch the fuel valve switch to off, DON’T turn down the throt, and leave the pressure washer in the ‘off’ position on the on/off switch?

How i’ve been turning it off (told by pressure pro vendor guy) is to…

Turn down the throttle slowly to the rabbit, then turn ‘on’ switch to ‘off’. Didn’t say wether to turn fuel valve switch to off position before or after.

On a pull start at the end of job turn fuel value off and run it till it runs out of gas. U can turn the on/ off switch off if u want . We leave it in the on position next job just cut the fuel on and go at it. If it’s a key start I will switch it to the off position.


you dont mean literally run out of gas right? that’d be wasteful. especially if you have a full tank. im guessing you dont mean literally

You turn the fuel to the off position and run the remaining fuel out of the carb. You dont completely run the tank out of gas.

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Yes once you turn the fuel lever to off while it is still running at full throttle, it will continue to run for a minute or so and then start to cough and eventually stall. I usually do that after last job of the day.


I have never turned the fuel valve off except when I winterize it. Never ran it dry except when I winterize it. I always transport with fuel valve on. When I’m done cleaning I turn it off. I don’t throttle it down. I know my employee won’t remember to do any of that anyway. I never had a problem on my gx390s other than the low oil switch going bad or leaking carb.

I’ve had them flood like the OP. I turn off the fuel and run it dry before getting in the road. I think it helps with ethanol related problems too.