Lease Equipment

Has anyone Leased a pressure washer through Pressure tek

Just wondering if that may be a good route to go since i do not have 5000 to just buy a new unit

I do need MORE GPM i am currently using 3.5 gpm at 3800

I just bought it and to replace my old one it is a simpson direct drive wonder if I should Have bought the 4200 4.0 gpm instead

i was looking at this

No Welds to Crack, Break, or Fail General Belt Drive Pump Gen. Pump Pulsar Unloader Valve with EZ Start 8 GPM @ 3000 PSI, 20 HP Honda Engine 50’ High Pressure Hose with QC’s Gun and Wand Assembly with QC’s Maxi-Flo Chemical Injector with QC’s Lifetim

but would love this

Diesel Fired 12 Volt Hot Water Burner System General Belt Drive Pump General Pulsar Unloader Valve with EZ Start 8 GPM @ 3500 PSI, 24 HP Honda Engine 50’ High Pressure Hose with QC’s Four High Pressure QC Tips Remote Chemical Injector Assembly with Q

If you have the work for it, then do it. Put enough money down that if the work dries up and you have to sell it cheap, you’ll be able to sell it for enough to pay it off.

i was reading fine print of lease I may not qualify for it

do you think that for now I would be better off with a 4200 psi 4.0 gpm or the 3800 3.5 gpm direct drive unit
untill I can get a better unit

Its kind of hard I have been upgrading as I go
I still work a full time job rotating hours average about 60 hours a week there and then on my days off I do my Cleaning

Good thing about working rotating is when im on 4 -12 shift i can work all day before i go to work and on 12 to 8 shift i can work after i get off at 8;00 then go to bed and back to work again 8-4 shift is the one i cant really do any work

I will be glad when i can build enough businessn so I can go full time with my own business All i do is work

But hey I have three boys and wife

All the more reason to get some gallons per minute. You have no time to stand around rinsing with a pea shooter.

Have you read up on joining two machines together? It’s really ghetto, it’s not for everybody but it can be effective.
[MENTION=6909]Russ Johnson[/MENTION] can hook you up with the kit if you have two machines. We used to run four, joined in pairs. Loud, but effective.

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that is interesting

I have been trying to find a chart i saw once about tip size to show you how to decrease pressure with tips do you know where i may find that thanks

On the back of [MENTION=6237]Bob Williamson[/MENTION] business card.

Just keep putting bigger tips in the gun until you can place a body part (one of yours) in front of the gun without tearing flesh.

Before you do that though, try google search dultimier (sp) pressure chart

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Try this

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that was fast i am not very computer savvy guess i need more practice haha thanks alot

This is off topic-- but in all my years of reading bulletin boards from the 90’s to now… The PWRA is very fortunate to have Tim Fields helping out other contractors through his post. They are the best I have seen ever on such a consistent bases… Ok Tim you owe me $5 for saying that:) I really mean what I say… and 18+ yrs in the Powerwashing business I still learn from his post.

I also thank he is very kind and knowledgeable about this business wish I could shake his hand

Maybe at a PWRA convention or another event down the road you can. I know I have and I’m thankful for it.

Nothing like meeting what I refer to as industry legends. The Computer industry has Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc, the Powerwashing Industry has blue collar hard working legends like Tim Fields, David Olson(since passed away) etc. who I am very fortunate to have met.

Another reason to go to events cause the chances of you meeting Industry legends Like these in your neck of the woods is slim to none.

What exactly do they do at the convention are there classes and stuff just curious what they do and where they have them

Oh yea there’s all kinds of classes, demo’s, networking and just having fun at these events. If you do a search here about the PWRA’s last Convention this past August in Nashville you can read the reviews from others about it.

Where are you from? There may be some type of event near your neck of the woods in the future.

Near raleigh nc

What part of Raleigh. Also can you full out your profile as well.

I’m in pikeville 45 mins from Raleigh near goldsboro. I said Raleigh because most people know where Raleigh is If I said Goldsboro they probally have know clue haha
Could you tell me how to fill out profile I’ve been trying different things and can’t Find where to make changes. Thanks

That’s awesome. I’m in raleigh so if you need any help let me know.