Leaking Pump Dewalt 3750psi 4gpm

To start out, I am 1 month into my pressure washing journey.

I just bought a Dewalt 3750 PSI 4gpm Pressure washer (used) on Facebook Marketplace. I just cranked it up for the first time.

I immediately noticed there is a slight leak coming from the pump. Could this be a blown out O-ring? Or possibly something more serious? Am I able to use this pressure washer effectively with this leak? Or should the repair be done immediately?

Also does anyone have a suggestion on where to find replacement parts or a water seal repair kit?

Don’t bother repairing, just let 'er drip and upgrade to a belt drive soon as you can. You can check the bolts for tightness, just don’t over torque.

AllPartsInc has a website that has been helpful for my “DeWalt” washer.

I know they used several pumps. The manifold and case look GP. What’s the model number on the pump itself?

If it’s a tx1510a then it uses a K160 packing kit. Pull the manifold and see if you have a cracked plunger before you order in parts.

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I had two of these at one point. They’re very poorly made. One was actually faulty from the manufacturer. The shaft didn’t fit the hole and it seized immediately.

if we can identify the pump i can get you what you need - 800-233-3873 ext 224