Leaking connections

I have a few threaded connections that drip continuously after 15 minutes into cleaning. Mostly at the gun, and I’ve noticed it’s after I’ve released the trigger and it bypasses to the tank. I made sure the tape was wrapped the right way and tightened as tight as I could with a crescent. Do you guys have any input on what I could do to stop it from happening? Newbie question I know, but I hadn’t come across anything other than making sure the tape is wrapped correctly. Thanks in advance guys

Pictures could help. Are you sure it’s not a o ring?

Crescent wrench is not a good tool for tightening things. Use the correct size wrench , two wraps of tape, tighten til you it’s tight

I always heard 3-5 wraps and be sure none of the tape is hanging past the threads or into the or oriface at all if that makes sense to you.

I would replace all the cheap orings with viton orings. Those cheap ones can get chewed up pretty quick.

sorry about that, thought I uploaded it.

I looked at the O-rings and they looked fine but I’ll just go ahead and replace them just in case. Thanks guys

Kind of hard to tell from the pic, but it looks kind of like too much tape on the right connection, and too little on the left one.

3 full wraps is a good amount for standard ptfe tape.

Remember, the purpose of the tape is really as a lubricant, not a sealer. It enables the fittings to tighten together enough to make their own mechanical seal.

Stainless is harder than brass, so you’ll usually find it more difficult to get a good seal with stainless fittings.


Buy a vise.


Appreciate the feedback! I’ll clean and re-wrap and see what we get.

Can do. My question then would be, tighten them as much as physically possible?

Tight but you shouldn’t have to overly crank on them.

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Using the thread title.

I’d like to solve the issue that I linked in the video.
I use quick connects so that when this pump goes down, I can quick connect my new pump in and keep working without loosing too much time. I also use this as my transfer pump for SH so I disconnect these often to connect the transfer hoses which has been working out great.

Only problem is that it leaks! The gasket inside makes a good seal at times but if it’s just slightly off it leaks which I don’t believe should happen. My options have been to either put another gasket in there, a thin one and hope it’s tight enough to make a seal but not so big that I can’t get it to lock, or replace the quick connects.

But what do you guys think? Here is a link

Video - Google Drive

Wrong tool for the job my friend. Hard plumb it. Plastic camlocks and hard kinks in the line don’t work too well.

I’ll probably get a gas unit soon, but I love this little pump. The placement is great too. The inlet never leaks, just the outlet. So maybe a hard plumb on the outlet and change the hose so it’s not so stiff and pushing against the cam lock. I’m actually very surprised with the hose, it’s not kinked, it actually bends well without losing the inner shape. That’s kuritec for ya. It pumps out volume like a champ for 200+ feet of hose. That back pressure is just a little too much. Maybe I’ll just install a 3 way valve so when I transfer bleach I don’t have to disconnect the outlet I can just twist the 3 way valve.

That’s a leak, alright. If you’re dead set on camlocks, go with Banjo or another brandname. Those look like some cheap store brand knockoffs.

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I got them from camlock direct. I may have to try banjo and see if the valves were better. If that fails, I will have to hard plumb and deal with the loss of time on the job to change it out, I’ll change out the hose as well so it’s not pushing against a camlock so much, and probably install a three-way valve on each side so I can still use it as a transfer pump

Loctite 504466 All-Purpose Medium Strength Anaerobic Threadlocker Stick, Blue,

Was having same problem with reel connections and this sealed up my connections really well. Way better then Teflon tape

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The problem isn’t threads leaking it’s camlock fittings. Thanks for the link though. I recommend monster tape and monster dope for all my thread connections.

I’d try Banjo fittings as well. Many folks have a very similar setup and don’t have those issues. Banjo is costly but they really do seem to be the best quality.

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