Layout ok?

Tank will have maybe 75-100 gal of water.
Tank is forward about 5 inches from axle.
Muffler has 6 inch space to the side.
Reels across side door , 3 stacked 200ft each stacked.

You got MVP machine. Are in in NC? Screw two strips of half inch boards to trailer wall, then a sheet of tin to that beside the exhaust.

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Yes and yes.
I could move the machine some but I’ll see how the heat is first before I bolt it down.

It will be fine where it is at long as you have an air gap heat shield. Put the fuel cell on the other side of the water tank so you will have room for your reels in the back

Im thinking you need to modify that exhaust to go further outward and upwards or vise versa. Lots of heat being dumped almost directly over that pump

Reels going on the other side of tank to be pulled out the side door. Pros and cons to it I know. I hate backing in for homes.
Plus the reel stack will help off set the weight of that skid. At least that’s my thought.

I might do that. Need to find some 1.25 pipe to use. Not sure why when they built it like that and didn’t have it exist the other way to avoid that.

I went with two 55gal vertical tanks to save space in my enclosed trailer.

If I end up needing space I might do that. Do you have them both acting as a buffer feeding one machine?

No one is bleach and the other is water.

Can get you some good heat shield to wrap wall side of muffler. Have on mine on truck build which is 6" from water tanks - works well.

This is what I use on mine. Can cut to length you need. Does rust though if it gets wet. Have to replace mine about every six months.

If it was me I would just get a muffler shop to build you an extension the size you need once you get machine set where you want. I can’t use a fixed piece because have to move mine to get access to rear of skid.

Heat from exhaust not going to hurt pump at all. Air coming out exhaust is hot but pump pretty far away. Heat rises and if machine running, pump going to be circulating water. I have electrical connections much closer than your pump to exhaust.

Here to hijack this thread. Anyone have advice for my layout? My concern is the exhaust blowing at the hose that goes from the pump to unloader block.


Can’t see how far away it is other than it’s in line of sight. Tried mine today and the exhaust isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I’d run it for a bit and check the hose.

Forgot to ask why are the reels mounted sideways vs towards the back? Wouldn’t you have to pull them grinding against the hinge of the doors?

I plan to have a steel reel tower fabricated. Haven’t had the time to get it done so they will be moved in the future.