Latex Paint Removal From Concrete

So I know that there are a few feeds that slightly touch on this topic, but I feel I may have a bigger and therefore slightly different scenario that I’d love everyone’s take on.

I have an apartment complex who’s maintenance guy accidentally put latex on the concrete of the breezeways and the property management wants to pay me to remove it.

I’d love thoughts on not only pricing but also what chemical to use to make this easier. Keep in mind, these aren’t just splatters, this is multiple entire breezeways.

We are going to inspect this Saturday so I will post pictures if need be. I just want the right chemical that will make the job easier and so I don’t have to dig into the concrete and create even more problems!


Look into sandblaster attachments for the pressure washer. Chem works for a lot of things but full coverage paint is beyond dissolving.

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I think you can use stripper, but it will likely require 2 applications.
I have a GP media blasting attachment that seems to work pretty well. I’m happy with the quality of it. It will also make a mess. And, it will require a Lot of blast media to do all that.
A pallet of blast media is 56 bags and that will do 2 trucks inside and out. My cost is 10 dollars a bag for medium grit crushed Glass. That’s $560 plus tax. You can get 5 gallons of paint stripper for $100- $200.
After blasting you’ll have a lot of cleanup. I would probably go with stripper and keep the blaster on hand for tough spots.

This is the stuff my friend uses in his auto body shop. He said it gets hot enough to warp body panels if he leaves it on to long.

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Tell them to live with it for a year, then surface clean it and let them repaint. I tried wet blasting and airplane stripper years ago and it was a nightmare


I’d bring some different chemicals and try some test spots.

Last thing you want is thinking it’ll take x hours, but all of a sudden you’re at x + 50 hours and only half done.

Normally it’s a slow, painful process. Charge accordingly if you decide to do it.

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I wouldn’t even want that job. Too big of a hassle. Sandblasting would make a huge mess. Aircraft stripper is some harsh stuff.


I used Xylene on this one. It worked well. Turbo around the edge, rinse, apply stripper, agitate, dwell, mist, dwell, mist, 25° nozzle it right off. Creates A TON of chips and debris. Cleanup is not fun. Charge accordingly.

Whoever did this job was not a pro. It had only been applied a few weeks before I got the call. He definitely didn’t prep it correctly. He also stained her privacy fence and didn’t use a non-film forming stain. Every nut, bolt, hinge etc. was covered in stain.


There was a 18x10 or so patio in the back as well. I did it too but I can’t find a picture of it.

Can you use it on oil or water-based paint?

Honestly, you’re asking the wrong guy. I took good pictures and walked into Sherwin Williams and said give me whatever I need to get this up. The guy said I could probably use a more mild stripper gel but I’d have to brush it on since it’s a gel. He said Xylene could be rolled on and work great. It evaporates quickly so you have to reapply it often. It worked great.

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This is super helpful! What was your dwell times looking like? My situation is about the same with time frame; I think it was just put down recently.

That smell, that xylene smell, it smells like … victory. Don’t put any xylene rags or gloves you used in your vehicle. Kinda potent.

I’d guess probably 20-30 minutes dwell. Some areas were still on there pretty good and required a second full application. Do NOT underestimate how much time it will take. The cleanup alone is a chore. Bring a shop vac.

How long did that one platform take you that you referenced before?

I don’t remember exactly. If I had to guess I’d say around 4 hours. I just remember it being a long day and telling myself that I wasn’t doing that again. The very next day I had a woman call about stripping paint off of a 3,000-something square foot driveway. Politely turned that one down…


Ok well I think I have my answer. I got a call from a hotel and they wanted an estimate on stripping paint of of around 8,000-10,000 sqft of wall ways around the buildings and the pool.
I’ve never done this kind of stripping jobs. So not sure how long it would take. The paint has been there for awhile. Some spots have flakes of paint missing. Maybe I’ll pass if paint removal if that bad

Run, don’t walk away

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I think I will take yalls advice. I was already iffy about it. I didn’t want to turn down potential commercial work but not trying to screw myself either. There’s Other clients to make

Run away……