Last wash

I have my last wash for the season tomorrow morning at 7:00am.

It’s a store front, so it needs to be done before the doors open at 10:00am.

Looks like it should be a warm 29 degrees in the am :).

Anyone else closing up shop this week?

I put the stop on roofs this week…going to still do routine HW’s and other random stuff like annual contracts.

Still have a couple of weeks of work and the phone is still ringing. This might be our longest season ever.

I closed Sunday, and winterized the equipment. But if we get a nice week, I might pick up a job if possible. We still have a bit of snow on the ground in spots.

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I’m done. Just need to run anti freeze.

John Devine.

All wrapped up for the year now.

When your washer turns into a snow maker it’s time to pack it up.

We’re in Code Red Holiday Scramble mode.
Busiest time of the year.

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We are still cleaning every day. Run the antifreeze back thru every after noon. On top of that calls for gutter clean outs, leaf removal, etc.

And last week the “snow” word came up and I think we put together 50 proposals in 3 days…LOL. You have to love the panic.

Last Apartment Community next week, after that we’ll Winterize 1 trailer and keep the other one working or work ready. Last year it got slow around December but we caught some great paying jobs till things picked up in Feb.

I think it’s going to be a colder Winter this year…much colder.

I’m done with roofs, but still have a few house washes here and there. Will most likely stop doing those very soon. The only other jobs lined up for the winter are: my flatwork accounts, a gutter cleaning job for 19 condominium complexes, and a nice 20,000sf interior warehouse cleaning in January.