Last day of the season!

Hey homies! I tried stepping my game up on a new video. Today, the last day of pressure washing season for me, was a really easy one.

Question for the YouTubers. What mic are you guys using? Mine is awful.

All other feedback and tips or tricks would be awesome.

@SurfaceMedic if you still need it, the remote down stream setup for under $50 goes live next week.


So we’ll start seeing you around here more often? Tell me more about this DS remote for under $50 lol


I, too, am interested in a remote downstream system for under $50. @Innocentbystander will pay for mine since I never did get an unloader on his tab. This will actually be cheaper for him so I don’t think he’ll mind at all.

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Nice video! My recording setup cost less than $150 for a mic, mixing board, and USB interface. It’s clear as a bell and easy to use.



I run it all through a FocusRite Scarlet USB interface that I got at a pawn shop for $60 (they’re really easy to find).

Various cables, cords. Send me a PM if you need any advice on that stuff.

The mic is low-price, but it’s made by the same company in China that makes Shure and is absolutely great. They just stick their own brand on it and sell it for a 10th of the price.

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The odds are high that @squidskc is using bits and pieces of stuff I gave him lol. If he is selling them I’ll buy you one.


Great Video Brodie! I really like the 4’ wand idea on a quick connect. I’ve heard several guys talk about using quick connects but after seeing the “short gun” idea I’m definitely going to start using that. That is a brilliant idea. I typically use a longer wand on decks but like the idea of swapping to just the gun for the rails.

And YES!! Still interested in the remote system. I’ll have to remember to check back next week for the video but feel free to shoot me a message to remind me! HA!

Thanks man! Good stuff!

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Thanks Jake! That’s super helpful!

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@anon37135677 @SurfaceMedic @Innocentbystander @DisplacedTexan I’m making a video on how to make them. Not selling them. I found myself in a couple situations on roofs or in line of sight of the truck, but nowhere I needed to be to shut off the water supply. I don’t use hudson float valves anymore. I’ve gone through more than I care to count. I’m making a remote ball valve to shut off the flow of water, but the principle, ball valves, wiring, etc are all the same. Just a 3/4 inch valve.

@Innocentbystander, I still have those parts you gave me. These are stainless steel valves.


You’re good people, Mr. Page. Truly good people.


Well hop to soldier! Us lowly newbies need everything drawn out or made into videos for us to understand. We would all be wandering the desert without channels such as yours and this forum. Besides, I need winter projects to keep me sane.

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Better start looking for more projects. Lol This one will likely take you an hour.


You completely overestimate my skills. I can definitely drag it out to an afternoon.

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