Landscaping Rock

I’ve used the search and cannot find an answer for this. I washed a sidewalk yesterday that had landscaping up to the edge of it with river gravel. As i got to the edge of the concrete my surface cleaner would blow gravel all over. So I went to just my gun and it made an even bigger mess. How do you guys wash an area like this without making a mess?

Someone will likely chime in with a clever idea, but, in situations like this I learned to charge more for the headache it creates.

I particularly despise the sidewalks that have the landscape blocks on either side and the pockets are filled with pea gravel.

Pump up with about a 6% mix right along that edge. Hit it a couple times and it will come clean without pressure, so then just wash a close as you can without making a mess


Or you could just learn where the edge of your surface cleaner is. When you’re pretreating just lightly blow any gravel right along the edge back about 1/2’. Mulch just as bad or worse. Can use a blower too, if you’re good with it.


Take a picture before you move anything but I had this problem and I used my blower and a shovel to move the gravel out of the way and put it back. Total pain in the rear but there was a big french window right above the pea gravel and I wasn’t risking a rock flying through that. A 4-5% sh treatment and brushing it would work too. I couldn’t use bleach in that area because of the copper light fixtures but it worked out great

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