Landa PGDC8 or custom self build

So as some of you may know I am ready to get a machine and want hot water. Started off looking at the Pressure Pro 8/3000-3500 machines. Then because of some advice and research on this forum I ended up at the Landa Dealer. I do believe the quality is much higher on the Landa over the PP but with the PGDC8 at about $10K out the door and only being pushed by a Honda GX660 seems under powered. So, I started considering doing a self build. I read @John_T post about his build. I’ve already ordered 2 of the K7 unloaders from envirospec on sale thanks to @Racer. I’m thinking of going with the Udor pump GKC30/24GR $1071 and pair it to a Kohler 37Hp engine ~2200.00. For hot water I’m looking at the Largo 99115Z 8-12gpm which is $3347.00. The total would be about $6620 which is over $3K less than the Landa. (I understand I will need some additional items to complete the project). Does this sound like a better option or is it just me? I believe this machine would outperform the Landa. Thank you all again! Look forward to getting this put together and showing you all the pics!

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Largo is not that good of a heater for higher gpms. I’ve worked the snot out of my pgdc since I got it and believe me it’s not under powered. You’re better off with the landa unless you step up to a Farley or click heater


Before you do all that. Get the specs on the length of feet off the sch 80 coil’s,Largo vs Landa. That is were the $ difference is ,and weight. Your gonna want the biggest coil and burner to match that 8 to 12 gpm @37 HP …My 2 cents. If you wanna save $ and get a Largo,go to Envirospec and buy the Sniper,it’s like 4k and change

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Thanks for the response! My Landa dealer didn’t know the length of the coil on the PGDC8. I’ve seen a couple statements on the forum stating that the Landa has somewhere around 300’ but who knows how accurate that is. I figured that @John_T said he liked the Landa so I figured a newbie like me wouldn’t be missing much while still saving a bunch of money.

@Viking76 I may have missed it but are you just getting started in the industry? Have you done any pressure washing at all?

I am just getting into the industry.

So no experience at all. Thos is just my two cents but I’m gathering you dont even know if you like this industry if you dont have a passion for it you will fail. Dont go buy a 10k machine buy a PP save some money and get to work if you hate it so much easier to re sell if you love it use it till it breaks gain some knowledge of what you like and dont like then buy the machine that fits your needs. I promise you that PP machine will make you plenty of money.


Exactly, like @Firefighter4hire says. There are guys I know with million plus $ dollar companies running Pressure Pro. You’re way over thinking this. Your equipment is going to contribute about 30% to whether you’re successful or not.


Don’t worry about the passion though. It’s a job that’s easy and makes good money. I hate it with a passion but you gotta do something

Haha. I’ve ran pressure washers doing cleaning but never commercial or residential. I did some oil field equipment cleaning 5 or 6 years ago and enjoyed it. I love to hustle and I like things to be very clean. My downside is that I have paralysis by analysis. I know you guys all know what you are talking about and have a lot of experience. I have a hard time buying a Pressure Pro for 6K+ if I can build that machine above for about the same price. The machine I described above just seems like it would be more capable.

Then build it. We’re fine with whatever you do. Sounds like you have your mind made up, so why ask for advice that you don’t want to hear. Not sure why you would go with the 37hp Kohler. Seems kind of like overkill for what you’re trying to do. Heck for a little more than that Kohler you could just build it with small block chevy motor and have 400hp, lol.


I meant 27hp not 37hp.

Build one it will be valuable lesson in your career. You need so much more stuff and the money you will not save added with the time it will take you to build it then get it all set up instead of making money you will be even farther in the hole. But you will learn alot of valuable lesson along the way. If you do and you need any pictures of home made machines let me now I will send you what I have for references

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Definitely will educate you on the system you’ll have to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain day in and day out.

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