Landa Hot Water Unit


Hello all, so this machine is sitting in a corner rotting at my place of employment I casually asked if they planned on fixing it and was told no supposedly the engine is locked up. It looks to be a 2 cylinder diesel. I was thinking of trying to buy it from the company for dirt cheap thinking that it would be an awesome first machine. I just don’t know if it would be worth it if in fact the engine is locked up. So I’m here to get thoughts on wether I should try and get it and what would be top dollar in its current condition.


Landa makes some of the best machines. if you could get it cheap enough and take it to a landa servicer they could tell you what it needs. If its not worth fixing then sell the pump and parts and recoup your money. It wouldnt hurt to ask and see what they would sell it to you for. if its busted and they dont want it they may just give it to you.


For me, it depends how cheap. $200 or less would do it.


Man that would be sweet if you can get that thing for free… if it’s been there for a while they probably would appreciate it being off the property