Landa ECOS Trailer vs HydroTek Drought Buster System

Curious of everyone’s view of these two units. I need a system with reclamation. Don’t necessarily need the recycling, but I saw that each manufacturer has a special on these units right now. Prices seem pretty good compared to having a trailer built and a recovery system added.

Has anyone used either of these? If so, what are your thoughts?


I am curious too. I am looking into the Landa Ecos trailer system and want to know everyone’s input.
Thank you.

Landa has a nightmare waiting to be purchased with their unit. I worked with my local landa vendor a couple of years ago to field test it. Punch list of about 20 things wrong. Landa addressed about 5 of them. Steer clear. I know nothing about the other one.

What was your biggest concern @Innocentbystander?