Landa 460v 3phase heating unit

I have an opportunity to buy this for only $250
Is it even usable in a trailer setting?

How are you going to power it. Buy it for $250 if it’s not stolen and sell it for $2500

Where would I even be able to sell this thing? Looks massive

Ebay, craigslist. I found a half dozen for sell online. Local pressure washing store should give you a grand easy if it runs

Great, now if I can find a way to transport it. No way I can just lift into truck

Pvc pipes packed with sand and capped and a come along. My big brother and I pulled a huge industrial metal lathe onto a trailer that way once.

Rent a gantry. They come in 3 pieces in you bolt them together wherever.

Rent a box truck with a lift gate.

Get a ton of helium balloons and take a blow gun with you.

Possibilities are endless and only one of mine is that far fetched.

Oh! Thought of another one. Tow truck with a tilt bed.

For that kind of profit, call someone to pick it up for you.

I picked it up today, used a forklift.

Took it to local pressure wash store, no one wants it. Says being 3 phase it will be hard to sell. And that it needs a new coil. About $1000

Now you have a project to tinker with

Go to big freight terminals, I was a diesel mechanic by trade a few years back. We had a huge 3phase unit to wash trucks before servicing them.

May be able to sell it that way.

Where are you located

Columbus, OH