Ladder Stabilizer Replacement End Caps

I use to use these yellow end caps made out of foam. They were pretty damn good. From what I understand they stopped making them so years ago I had to switch back to the crappy white rubber ones that come with the stabilizer. Werner makes them. They suck and wear out way too fast. I’m about to order a bunch of them but figured I would at least check here to see if anyone knows of anything better.

Wrap the ends in a towel and duct tape the shit out of it. Cheap, effective and easily fixed or replaced.

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i have the 2 arms that sick out and have thick rubber hose ends on them… It works GREAT…

I’d be embarrassed to show you all the things I use dollar store pool noodles and mossy oak duct tape for.

Tennis balls since sporty caps went out of business

I like that idea but how do you get them to stay on?

Tennis ball filled with spray foam…

Cut an X in the tennis. Small enough where it is hard to push the ball on. They will stay on until you pull them off.

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That’s what we use. Cheap and easy to replace when needed.

Got this at Lowes, on a metal ladder u got to have one of these braces. It makes the ladder so steady when your up 20’


Man, in all seriousness, don’t use that ladder until you attach the stabilizer correctly. U bolts have to cross the rail.

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I found that they sit really well right on the roof too so if you have to hand wipe gutters after you clean them out your ladder is not resting on the gutter. I swear by the standoffs too!


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I use the werner quick connects. On and off in 10 seconds. Not picking on you at all @Fatdaddy. Just Don’t want to see you get hurt

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i keep em tight had it that way 5 years, i’m 6’6 weight 280lbs on a dry day.
never let me down but i will change it…per your advice.
your a pretty smart cookie

Decided to give it a try

You know you want to be me when you grow up lol