Ladder Rack for Open Utility Trailer?

I will be picking up a 5x8 open utility trailer with the rear mesh ramp - which I may remove.

I am not seeing many options for ladder racks on these open trailers. I don’t think it’s at all feasible to hang the ladders on the side of the trailer since the trailer is only 8’ long (10’ with the hitch added) but with a 24’ extension ladder I don’t think it would work.

I did have the thought to place the rear of the ladder on the ramp while in the upright position I suspect it will clear any obstructions. This could be a good option for the rear support - no? I can weld a front support at the front of the trailer.

I could install a ladder rack in my smaller Tacoma but with the trailer behind the truck I can’t help but think it will be a pain to load / unload the ladder.

I went with ladder rack on my truck. Plenty of room to put it on/take it off. I think it would be annoying to try to rig something up to rest on your ramp.

How “open” is this 5x8 utility trailer? A ladder rack on a 5x8 is certainly possible.

My 5x8 without any mods (modifications) on it.

Here is me buying the wrong type of 32’ extension ladder (fiberglass).

My 5x8 with the correct type of 32’ extension ladder (aluminum).

I’m not sure how legal and safe it is to have that much ladder overhang on that trailer.

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I’m surprised you don’t get a little tap on the top sometimes

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How do you go over speed bumps? Or up steep driveways? LOL.

Well, I don’t know about your speed bumps, but Houston, Texas in the United States of America is relatively flat. Our speed bumps aren’t massive obstacle courses. The only hills Houston, Texas has are the gradual inclines and declines of our freeway systems. Houston, Texas does not have steep driveways. Maybe there are, but my current fiscal reality hasn’t opened those areas to me yet.

Also, I only put the 32’ on the rack if I’m going to a roof wash that requires that type of reach.

It’s not just bumps and hills that can be a big problem to the driver its cornering as well.
I don’t have the patience to explain the physics to this fella I’m just slowly shaking my head.

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Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas.

Sorry just felt like Houston, Texas wasn’t said nearly enough in this thread.

As a Texan, Houston can fall off into the sea or be annexed into Louisiana. Either way would be an addition by subtraction.


Your overthinking it Aussie, you don’t live in Houston, he lives in Houston, Houston hadn’t had an accident on record since record keeping began in Houston, maybe visit Houston and you’ll see how flat Houston is. I love Houston, I’ve never been to Houston.


Ha ha yeah I didn’t even notice the Houston Texas repetition.
I was too busy imagining the possible future ladder carnage scenarios.
Funny to me if it’s only the ladder or car that gets bent but a bit scary for other road users and pedestrians if it goes pear shaped.
I too now want to visit Houston Texas.

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I don’t think I want to visit Houston Texas after seeing this, LOL.

Ladder overhangs are no joke. I had an embarrassing moment at the McD’s drivethru the other day. I had my extension ladders up on the rack, with stabilizers sticking out toward the back. (Ladders were within the 2’ overhang limit, and the stabilizers only stick out from the side of the truck about a foot or so, and above head-knocking height.)

As I pulled up to the window, I noticed in my sideview mirror that the stabilizers had gotten kind of close to the brick siding. So like a moron, I crank the wheel to the right to try and pull further away from the building. SCRAPE. Yeah, that end of the ladders were behind the rear axle. So when I turned right, the ladders swung left :joy:

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No grown man has any business at a Macdonalds :slight_smile:

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That got a grin out of me.


Just back 'er on in

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Holy crap! Is that Australia? No thanks :laughing:

I am very new to power washing. I have never backed my trailer into any residential driveway to clean their dwelling, and I haven’t had those luxurious clients that have massive horse-shoe driveways where I would drive up to their mansions yet. Damnzz…i said “horse-shoe”. That must be my Houston, Texas mentality :laughing:

That picture of the steep driveways is insane, who in their right mind would buy a house like that??
I’m guessing it’s not Australia because our out of control safety laws probably wouldn’t approve that .

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Those sidewalks will always be dirty, lol. I hope they dont ever get ice with those steep driveways.

My kids would install a slip-n-slide and I’d be spending more $$$ with the urgent care folks. :sweat_smile:


It’d be a real workout to clean a driveway like that, lol.