Kohler muffler needed

Hi Russ,

Can you recommend and supply good muffler for kohler 27?

Did you check your local TSC or farm supply store?

This is where I buy anything Kohler Kohler Engines and Kohler Engine Parts Store, Genuine Kohler Engine Parts

Yes Tim. I can get you the muffler. It’s $104.50 for the kit. Includes gaskets, nuts, bracket, and heat shield. Everything in outline #1.

Thanks Russ.

Send the muffler kit and a Honda gx630 air filter along with the Kohler air filter and some oil filters and spark plugs if you can figure out which ones I need.

Send me a total or put it on my card if you have the number.


Will do!

Since Tim is paying I’ll get back to you Russ with things to add to his bill for me… HAHAHA

I always have left over parts whenever I work on something. I’ll send them to you big guy.

Thanks Tim HAHA