Kohler Ch20s wiring

If I can get someone to assist me in what these wires are for. The skinny red isnt hooked up to anything, and neither is the black wire with fuseholder. Im not sure the fuel solenoid is working. Ill have to pull it off and trace and test it I know, but until then.

Do you have the key switch for that engine? Did you get it secondhand or buy it from someone?

Thanks for taking the time to reply., it’s used, it looks intact except those wires. I’m pretty certain the fuel shut-off is staying in shut off position. I’m going to pull it and check it to verify it even works. I’m gong to buy a new one anyway that has a new fuel shutoff solenoid already installed really inexpensively, $40. After that I’m just gonna start taking it apart and follow wires.

It starts with fuel poured in carb.

What was the engine last used for?

Looking at your diagram those 2 wires were added by someone. If you look at (X) in the diagram it is you carb solenoid and goes from carb to key. It’s gonna be hard, I would honestly start by stripping the covers and start tracing wires from rectifier all the way back thru key ignition. Also is it oil light equipped etc, because that’s more wires to trace. Just to be sure they are all there and in good condition. Just my opinion.

Cool ! We might just have a small engine guru aboard. Welcome new fella… @Redwal9451

Go cart

I wonder if they were powering a radio or to get 12v to some gauges on the dash. They probably ran it that way so it would only get juice when the key was turned on. I kind of figured it came out of a mower and it went to warning lights or something.

I bet that go cart hauled butt!

@Hotshot thanks. Not a guru but been around a few! Lol. Most are pretty simple, I just have to be in front of them so I can see what all is on it. Then I can trace or rewire.

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That’s my problem with electronics, I can’t walk anybody through anything. On the other hand if I have a multi meter in hand I’m going to figure it out.

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Figured out the fuel shutoff solenoid issue. But my cheapo pulse fuelpump wont put fuel past the fuel filter. Could a fuel filter be a "culprit? Ill have to find the pkg and check that. Good news is I bought a new OEM carburetor and Briggs pulse fuel pump for $45 FLAT.

It’s always possible the filter is the culprit but I doubt it. Just remove the filter and try it. I’ve heard of people accidentally buying a filter with the micron size too small and having a similar issue. I don’t think that happens very often though and I’ve never had it happen to me. I would guess that it’s more than likely the fuel pump diaphragm. You never know though.