Kinking Hose On Supply Reel?

Doesn’t matter what kind of supply hose you buy, it will kink. Usually on the supply reel its where the hose connects to the reel. I remembered a trick that Bob posted one time about using a strap to help keep the the hose from kinking.

I added a 3/4" street 45 to the reel to help a little more.

Of course you can just reel out all your hose to get the kink out…but this little fix is so you don’t have to.

Nice. Did you make that reel?

They sell a 6" hose with a heavy spring that I use, works real well. Think the are only $2 or $3 dollars. I will try and get a pic of it.

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No it’s a Titan reel…I’m not that smart. :slight_smile:

We use a 45 degree fitting out of the reel and it will not kink like that.

Here is what we use, works well.

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Who sells this?

I bought one from northern tool

Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

I’ve got two Titan reels and love them but I have the same problem with the supply hose kinking where connected to the reel. I have the 6" hose with wire coil (spring) around it but the hose still kinks so I’ve been reeling out entire hose to avoid kinking. A couple of weeks ago it was taking forever to fill my 225 gallon tank so I reeled off all of the hose and realized the (6" wire wrapped) hose was kinked where connected to the reel. In short, the 6 inch wire coil wrapped hose does not work for me. I’m going to look for a good 45 degree fitting to replace the wire coil hose. I hate having to unwrap all 150 feet of supply hose when only a portion of it is needed.

That’s kinda why I posted the tip. I was having kinking problems with just using the 45 degree fitting when I remembered the strap tip Bob posted a while back. I guess there are variables such as hose or reels…just thought this would help guys having the same problems.

Same here, it sucks having to unroll 150’ of hose when 75’ or 100’ will do.

Here you go Jason-- Cdubbs gave away our secret :wink: I’ve been using these for years and you can buy them from Home Depot Melnor Kink-Free Hose Saver-557-063 at The Home Depot

Think I got mine at lowes Or manards.

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Either way great advice. Think about being a fellow PWRA member one day. You get tons of benny’s and with your willingness to help others it’s a win win across the board when you think about it;):D:cool:

Thank you John.

The strap thingy looks like a good idea. I think I’ll try that on my supply reel and see how it works.

You have to wonder why the reel manufacturers don’t position the outlet so that it doesn’t kink.

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Might cost them some money if they do that…

Another solution:

Rapid reel sells a spring that slides INSIDE the hose at the point of hook up. Eliminates the problem of kinking entirely without adding other joints that can leak. $5 each.

Look at item # 23

1041-GH - Rapid Reel

[MENTION=7366]GuyB[/MENTION] guy, what aisle at HomeCheapo did u find the strap? I have been to a TrueValue and two Home Cheapo and cannot one. Plumbing? Electric?

I think that you are looking for something like this Eric.

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