Kingslinger Air Diaphragm

I’m looking to upgrade from a 12v next year. Ran across this. I like it for its ease of setup and compact footprint. However it seems that I could get a lot more for my money building out something with more power. My main goal is vertical distance. Anyone have any thoughts on this system or recommend something else?

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I’m curious about this set up as well. I like the small footprint but wonder if its all its cracked up to be.

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Honestly, it reminds me of Kevin Enderle, the guy who did the compact systems that got into some trouble (from what I’ve heard) with not providing what he promised. It saying it’s bad, but from what I’ve read, the pumps on these systems are super small.

Check out YouTube vids of side by side comparisons between 12v and aodd pumps. At least in the half inch, there is almost no difference, with 12v actually putting out further in some instances. I personally have a half inch ARO aodd. Got it used/rebuilt on eBay for $200. So far I’ve abused it for almost 2 years, and it still works flawlessly. I just like being able to use whatever size nozzle I want to, and not having to worry about a pump burning up. I mainly use it for roofs and chem transfer. If you want good distance, better just to step up to a 1”.

If you want distance then go with the gas.

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What brand and type of gas system. I heard of them but haven’t come across much about them

I got mine from L&H in Savannah. Honda engine with a 11gpm AR pump.

Do you have a link? Curious about the foot print.