Kings reel just went bad after 3 months

Decided to try Kings reel because we had 3 Hannays manifold leak. Well today one of our technicians called to say the swivel is no longer working on the Kings reel; seems like sprayer depot will warranty it, but from my brief conversation with the rep, it also seems to be a common issue on the kings. Anyone else trying these reels have any issues? This reel is only used to DS in terms of chems running through out. It also gets rinsed after every use, so is not like we’re leaving strong chems in there. Going to order one of Bobs new reels and try them out; hoping to get more than 3 months out of them… The Hannays at least would go 9-12months before failing.

Well, that’s not encouraging as I just put four King’s Reels on the trailer. However, the rep I spoke with did say that they’ve had some issues with the swivels leaking. Is that what you mean by the swivel not working? Or do you mean that the swivel is seized?

Have had titans for years, still haven’t replaced anything….use one for roofs too….


I got hannays that are almost two decades old

Yeah I have one of those too…no issues either. Great heavy duty reel.

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This is the reason why I went with Hannays to begin with… bc you speak very highly of them. And I can see why… their customer service has been great. They’ve sent me new manifolds for the ones that failed and also sent me a SS manifold to test out… unfortunately for me it’s been faster to just replace the reel, I still have the other reels and manifolds that I need to swap out… hoping to be able to get to it later this summer.

Unfortunately for us they haven’t lasted that long. Possibly bc we downstream straight 12.5?? who knows…

seized… basically if you try to spin the reel to reel in/out hose the swivel will spin with it, making it impossible to use since its attached to the whip line/ds injector… So basically right now they can only use the reel as a hose holder and once hose is out, connect it directly to whip/ds injector…

going to attempt to attach a video…

That sucks. Out of curiosity, have you ever greased that swivel? I’ve had reels in the past that have never been greased and they have always worked just fine but I’ve also had one of those cheapo depot reels that the swivel wouldn’t go a week without greasing. None of those reels had stainless swivels though.

I’ve never greased my swivels, seems like when you do they go bad?

Never grease a super swivel


Glad I saw this - I was wondering if I should grease mine.

I have two Titan reel swivels that I had to replaced with super swivels because of leaks - one actually snapped right off.

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As others have commented, I never greased them precisely bc I’ve read on here not to… but heck, if this one is shot I may as well try some grease on it.

Hell, I’ve never even had a super swivel until now lol I noticed they come pre-greased with red stuff. I’m assuming it’s Lucas which is what I keep around but I’ll probably just forego the grease on these bad boys. You have much more experience with them and I’m inclined to believe you lol

Couldn’t hurt anything at this point. Report back!

This is a prime candidate to break down and see what happened inside. Look at the race and see if any of the balls are pitted.