Keywords for pressure washing

When optimizing your pressure washing site, what key words are you optimizing?

Pressure washing(of course)
sidewalk cleaning
gum removal
graffiti removal
all tagged with proper city and without…

What are you guys using for keywords?

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The ones I don’t want everybody else knowing about in my service area.

Google AdWords has a great tool for this.

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Guy typed what I was thinking. I doubt anyone is going to give up the goods in the public forum.

Truly Dave I have no idea. I really don’t have time to work on or keep up with the SEO of our site. I leave that to professionals that produce results.

Just Google…pressure washing (Or any other key words) fayetteville nc…or…pressure washing nc

cant give away the secrets…

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I will say ‘pressure washing’ is used much more often than ‘power washing’ by searchers.

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

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-difficult house washing
-high pressure vinyl blaster
-dryvit cracking pressure wash
-concrete cream removal service
-4000psi roof tearing high power cleaning



well, i don’t know if you care to hear what I have to say, Dave, but there are a few SEO tricks. Follow those that are at the top of google and reverse engineer what they’re doing.

-Right click and view source of top rankers. You can view their keywords, titles and descriptions. and follow their lead…
-download PageRank Status for google chrome and id their backlinks and follow their trail.
-google adwords will give you suggestions for search phrases - create a blog post for each of these terms.
-create videos that can be like power point slides of different time lengths and with your content and keywords for each service/city.
-SEO Spyglass is an alternative…


Yeah I was just going to say I am pretty sure there is a way to view
what there keywords are within the site by looking at their HTML code or
whatever. I used to work for a SEO company and learned this, I just
forgot exactly what you need to do to view what a web pages keywords are.

Good job there Garrett, great info for “All” to see.

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Hope he’s in the same city as he is. Just give everyones hard work away for someone just to copy it… :mad:

Careful. Copying someone’s meta tags is no different than stealing their content.

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

I thought that might ruffle some feathers.

SEO is almost out the window. Other than high PR Backlinks from reputable sites (real seo companies, real blogs, real service networks) - which aren’t easy to come by, fresh content is just about the only way to go. And that stuff takes work and creativity.

And that is just from google’s perspective! Think about the end-user - the customer! You think these copy and paste guys (who’s sites will just fall off google if they’re copying other people) have what it takes to create a well-put-together site that will actually create lead conversion? That they can put together something so beautiful and organized, like your site, Alex, to make the customer know, like and trust you before they pick up the phone and then once they try, buy and choose you and see that your tools, trucks, and employees are just as clean and organized as your site is that they’ll then repeat and refer your business to their friends and family.

I guess I gave it all away.

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This isn’t rocket science, I don’t think there is some secret sauce out there that will make or break you. If you’ve got major competition, or are just in a competitive area, seo is just a lot of hard work. New, optimized content, links, CTAs, etc…there isn’t one task that will get it done.

I just can’t endorse ‘copying and pasting’ your competitor’s efforts. You’d be doing good to not get a cease and desist letter. Researching is okay, but anybody new needs to be careful about mimicking too closely.

I totally agree with am services.

In addition one thing to focus on is localizing.
The term “pressure washing” for the most part will get you nowhere fast.

Terms such as “my city pressure washing” or “mycity my service” chops the competition down dramatically for your keywords.

This is one mistake two many site owners make.
For example in my area the terms, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning. Are ranked with huge established info sites or stores selling the products. Chances of beating them withought some serious money and thousands of high pr back links and a aged domain would be near impossible.

That being said. If i was the user looking for pressure washing services and first googled “pressure washing” and got that first page results as i mentioned above. First thing I would do is refine my search.

And honestly if u could rank for just generic terms amagine the bus calls u would get or email quotes and just simply wasted bandwidth from people looking for somthing u don’t offer or sell or better yet someone who’s 300+miles away.

LOCALIZE your terms.


Even localized keyword searches are getting too general. A commercial client may quickly realize that “pressure washing” yields too many results and do a more focused search like “loading dock cleaning” or “historical building graffiti removal” - which would show a much shorter list of companies who actually provide what they need. Showing up in THAT list would get you a bid, as long as your website was professional.

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What a shame that you are getting mad because some one is helping some one else.

I totally agree, its getting harder and harder to compete for keywords due to the compitition.
a good way is to use google tools to see what the compitition is for specific keywords and combiniations of those words are. Aiming for phrases that get you 1000 or so searches daily with harsh compition could be touph, start targeting the 150-250 user searched phrases with low competition. that being said even those are getting harder as time progresses people tend to try to grab them.

LMAO, after about the 3rd one i was thinking this guy is an idiot, but came to my senses after reading all 5.

Many customers call our services power washing tho, even if the call pressure washing company. Business owners have to think about is like customers to find keywords that will work the best in their area. Keywords are just a small part of the whole deal. Without visibility and proper website best keywords will be pretty much useless.