Key position in keyway on AR pump install

Not overly impressed with my new AR RRV4G40D pump as the pump mounting flange allows a lot if water to get in the crankshaft and keyway.

So I pulled the pump today to put more antiseize on the 1" GX390 shaft and key(way) to minimize corrosion fusing the key.

Anywho…I noticed; unlike a GP or Cat pump install where the key is installed flush with the end of the shaft- the AR setscrew will not engage the key unless it is Midway back in the keyway…

Is this acceptable or is this a crazy AR engineering fubar? It is disconcerting as they seem to mount the set screw hole right near the point where you slide the hollow pump shaft onto to the 1" crankshaft which forces you to mount the key far back or the set screw will fall into the tapered end of the keyway when tightened.

Just curious if this is an issue as far as proper torque transfer as you have no idea how far the key is sitting back in the keyway once the pump is bolted on…


You will be so much happier if you accidently drop that AR onto your foot and break a few toes. The resulting pain will help you forget what a hunk of junk you have for a pump :slight_smile:


Maybe it was built for an Italian Honda.

Thanks @Innocentbystander for the help.

Always appreciate serious answers to serious questions.

All joking aside, if AR has a support division that’s better than their warranty division they can walk you through it over the phone. And I’m saying this to be sincerely helpful, if that pump last longer than six months and they didn’t sell it to you because their margins are higher on it I’ll send you $100 to use it pressuretek.

I hope I’m wrong and it’s AR’s best iteration of that pump yet.

Better yet, call where you bought it and when they say “set screw?” You’ll have another clue to add to the list.

If you want a real answer though. Call AR.

I didn’t deep dive into the PDF, but there are some clues here.

I was willing to drop 500 plus on a Cat and Dustin from the Pump Store talked me out of the 66dx or 67dx Cat and swore by the AR RRV.

Not yet a member of this forum I took his word on it and if it dies in 6 months U will toss it through ARs window at corporate.

I got maybe 40 hrs out of the POS AAA that came on my DeWalt 4200 made by Simpson.

I am not doing the frequency of work you guys do and if I get 40 hrs and it goes I am going to go big money with a new Landa rig.

Time to go big or go home!

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I started with a Ryobi 2800 psi pressure washer and knocking on doors. Didn’t do enough researched and struggled through my first 6 months. Bought the exact same machine you’re talking about. Went through two AAA pumps. SIMPSON, finally sent me an AR pump for it. Lasted less time than the AAAs. Struggled through my next 18 months. That’s when I bought 4 gpm, 4000 psi machine off the interwebs.

Before I still knew a darn thing about anything. Got lucky with it. Really did some deep diving in this forum. Lurked other forums. Bugged Racer and IBS a bunch. Found Pressuretek.

And by the end of October, should be running a 7 gpm udor belt drive on a Honda, and a udor 8 gpm gear drive on a Kohler I found on Craigslist. I’ll have put together my Maruyama roof pump too. It’s exciting. Lol

Sometimes I think learning the hard way helps to never do it again. Lol most of the time anyway.

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True words @squidskc !

One only learns from failure and happy for ya man on getting that 7 gpm deal.

Thanks for the perspective; don’t go darkside like @Innocentbystander…lol!



IBS has posters of Chuck Norris on his wall. I have posters of IBS. From his days on the force.

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Sorry man. I really didn’t think you were asking a question. Thought you were just complaining lol. I don’t know what you have going on but if the keyway is moving around on you temporarily magnatize it. Couple of ways top do that but i know ypu can or will figure it out. Post a video. Presentation withoyt demonstration is merely conversation

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Put down the Tequila bro! I thought I was very precise about my question.

Let me reiterate…does it matter where the key sits it they keyway as long as the set screw is tightened and loctited(blue) on it?

You have to start with the key at the end or beyond of the crank keyway to get the pump to slide on. All I am saying is with this pos AR you have to slide the key back at least halfway in the keyway for the set screw to get a lock down on the key.

Abysmal design IMO but the wife expects it to work long enough for her to not be pissed about the 490 Whisper Wash and ball valve that arrived today.

BTW…Pressure Pro puts the AR RSV (step down from the RRV) on their Prosumer 4gal/4200psi machine so it’s just not the big boxes screwing people with these pumps.

On the bright side…I will get to use that 16 ’ Whisper Wash tommorow! Let’s see if the pump holds out …lol

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Guess who doesn’t sell that model of Pressure Pro? Pressuretek. :slight_smile:

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Everyone finds cool stuff on craigslist but me…marsha, marsha, marsha!!!


Squid…how many hours would you guess was on your AR pump when it failed? I’ve removed the bypass hose on my external Unloader and plugged the garden hose inlet so I don’t blow my thermal protection and void my warranty.

Not that I’d want another AR but I have read their higher end pumps are more reliable.

When you use Udor as a benchnark- every pump looks deficient.

Conservatively, 500 hours. That’s 30 hours a week and I don’t remember the last time I ran a machine less than 40 hours a week.

Gotta move to Florida. Those guys are always showing full skids and nice washers they find. I have to piece everything together because there’s only 3 companies in Kansas City really doing this at this scale. Nobody else is selling cool stuff here. Lol

The Kohler came from a landscaping company.

Presurtek is like 45 minutes from me…but since.its basicly an online store that means nothing. I’m yet to find a good one near me. There is supposedly one outside canton but I’m holding off till early winter to check out their refurbished washers. Its about a 2 hour drive.