Kevin Dubrosky at the 2014 Pressure Washing Convention!

We are pleased to announce that marketing consultant Kevin Dubrosky, author of “Why Everything You Think You Know Is Totally Wrong”, “$600/hr”, and “The Whale Vomit Method”, will be giving the Saturday headline address at the 2014 Pressure Washing Convention and Trade Show at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, TN!

“Killing Monsters and Slaying Dragons: Defanging 6 Huge Lies That Threaten To Kill Your Business”
Break through the six most dangerous self-limiting lies to achieve the success you’re looking for.
WARNING: Most of these monsters and dragons don’t look dangerous! Don’t be fooled. They will KILL your business if you don’t kill them first.

Don’t miss this powerhouse discussion that will make you think and prompt you to ACT to improve your business immediately.

Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Convention 2014

^^ That’s great!! I seen Kevin D. speak in NOLA a few yrs ago and he was a phenomenal speaker. Very interesting dude who does something great for ya… He makes you think. Can’t ask for much better then that:cool::cool::cool:

I am looking forward to hearing what Kevin has to say.

I had thought that he had stepped out of the window cleaning/pressure washing realm for a while. It is good to see him back in the ring. If only for a bit.

He did. He’s consulting with some major companies now.

Unfortunately (for him) he knows this guy who does pressure washing conventions…

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