Keeping pool clean while cleaning the deck

So even though I was using a sc and aimed my wand away from the pool as much as possible while detailing the edge, there was still a significant amount of dirt floatin in the pool while I was done. Anyone have any tips for keeping it clean?

I do not have any tips but we do a lot of work on pools. Renovations and such. A pool filter will cycle through and have all the water clean within 2-3 hours.

I know, I just felt bad making everything look so good but have debris floating in the pool.

Just tell the customer to leave the filter running after you’re done. impossible to avoid getting some dirt in the pool.

I cut in, about 4-8 inches, the edge of the pool with my wand spraying backwards towards my feet. I hold the gun upside down when I do it. I then use my 20" surface cleaner and hold it at an angle, again at my feet, to go over this same area. This re cleans the edge of the pool and works out the choppy looking wand marks and cleans a little past that 8" mark. Depending on the slope I may have to do this again further away from the edge. Once I’m about 12-16" inches clean away from the edge of the pool I can surface clean as usual. I only get a tiny bit of dirt in the pool using this method; it sounds time consuming but it’s really not.

I use to be a little more careless in my process until a customer asked me if I could do it without getting a lot of dirt in the pool. They cited hiring another pressure washer that used a surface cleaner on their very dirty pool skirt and got a lot of dirt in the water. Debris is no problem, like some leaves or pine straw. However, a lot of moldy dirt can turn a perfectly clean pool into a green mess. It cost this customer 300.00 to have the pool people come out and re-shock the pool…labor and chems I guess. This story prompted me to come up with the method above and I’ve never had a complaint about it.


Water recovery surface cleaning equipment are great for pool decks. We use the sirocco and by vacuuming up the debris, dirt and water at the same time cuts your overspray in the pool to almost zero.

Tim, we run into this problem a lot. Like most of the other guys mentioned, the filter will remove most of the dirt/runoff, but for the big stuff, we’ll use the customers pool net and remove the large stuff that way. Only takes a few minutes.

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I keep a fine mesh leaf rake net with pole in van to clean up after job, just a little extra that sets you apart from the rest. Turnover rate of water depends on horsepower of motor on pool pump and the filter sq. ft. The filter will not pick up all the debris.

“Pressure cleans, water helps”.

It’s really pretty much inevitable when you are cleaning a pool. just inform the customer and let them know the filter will take care of it within a couple of hours.

Where on board with most other answers here. We tell the customer to keep the filter running and also the pool may need a vac after some of the dirt settles.

We do a ton of pool patios before the pools are open and my guys just peel the covers back and then clean the coping and then put cover back over. This way their pools can be opened afterwords with the usual opening vacuum.

Unfortunately many of our customers also wait to open the pool first which after we clean the patio’s I always tell them to call us before the pool is open for the following year.

I owned a pool cleaning company in NJ for 2 years. There is no way to avoid getting debris in the pool, when cleaning the pool deck.

Do not tell the customer the filter will clean the pool, it is correct but misleading. John is correct in stating that the pool will need to be vacuumed after the pool has filtered out any suspended particles. The best time to do a pool deck cleaning with as little extra work as possible is at the beginning of the season, because they are starting the filter up at the time and filtering all the water as well as vacuuming the pool to collect any particles that have settled to the floor over the winter.