Karcher Surface Cleaner

Hi guys,

I was looking at this surface cleaner, it’s pretty cheap and I know it’s not the best but is it that bad or could I complete some jobs with it before I save some and upgrade? I can’t get any reasonable surface cleaner in my country as well and need to wait a couple of weeks before it arrives.

I have a 4gpm 3600psi machine.


The karcher T-Racer. You’ve got be kidding me lol.

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I know it’s not the best I was just wondering if it is suitable for a few jobs until I get the better one or should I just pressure wash without surface cleaner?

I wouldn’t even give it to someone as a gift, just as a self respect thing. It wouldn’t last a day in the environment we work in. It’s probably worth the shipping cost of a decent one to purchase anyway. Just wait a couple weeks.

Understood :slightly_smiling_face: thank you

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I’m not a fan of this idea, you will be frustrated more than anything. Sure you can definitely do it, but if you’re planning on it long term invest in a nicer surface cleaner rated for commercial use.

Kaercher ones here in Spain cost 1800€, (50cm) 30cm is “only” 1000€, yeah, you read it right 1800€, it’s crazy, and it’s the only brand selling surface cleaners here

You need to see about hooking up with one of the Galician clans and see if they can smuggle you in a Whisper Wash. :smile: If you happen to get in real close with them I bet pressure washing would make a great cover. You can stand on the street corner with your Whisper Wash cleaning the side walk and then can do the quick “handshake slide” to pass the goodies off…lol. Nobody will notice a thing because they’ll be in awe seeing the first pressure washing company in Spain.

Looks like some nice etching going on there…LOL

So for how much would you be able to EASILY sell the one in the link above? Would people buy them for let say 800€ brand new? :slightly_smiling_face:

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