K7 unloaders

@Racer do you have a #3 bypass orifice or a #2 with your 3/8" bypass hose? I have a #3 inlet and a #3 bypass orifice with my 3/8" bypass hose and it pulsates when bypassing. When I restrict the bypass hose it stops. I’ve ordered the #2 orifice and I’ll use that with the 3/8" bypass hose.

Another question… I spoke with my local dealer and he said that there is no way to get more than 100’ of hose to work with the K7. He said that with more than that length the machine goes into bypass. I did not have that issue with 250’ of hose but I wasn’t trying to pull soap. Can you pull coal with that much hose and a K7?

I love the lack of kick with the K7 but hate how finicky it can be.

I have ordered k7 for 8gpm mashine. On unloader package was marked K7-3 with #2, So I think i have #2 bypass orifice . I removed bypass orifice , cant find any marks to confirm.
After installing unloader with 7’ 3/8" bypass hose , it was pulsating in bypass . Set up unloader with #9 nozzle ( around 3000 psi ),
Trying now with 6’ of 1/4" hose plus 2’ of 3/8" hose. No pulsation , bet still have kick in bypass and hp hose when trigger released , don’t know if that is normal.
Try also 10’ of 3/8" hose , with kink in the middle , no pulsation , kick in both hoses when trigger released,
I think i go back to TP unloaders,

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Damn I just bought the K7 for this season too, I didn’t realize they were so finicky. I guess I missed all the comments and @squidskc video before I bought it.

After I shared that everyone with a K7 came out of the woodwork saying they don’t have the problems with the recent K7s. You’ll probably be fine.

I really like mine however, I’ve had to set it twice in the past two weeks. It’ll be doing fine then I pull the trigger and the pressure is down and I can hear the engine bogging down. I back off the nut and run it back up and it’s fine. It wasn’t turn in for enough to hit 3500 psi though. All I can get is 3000 psi

I can’t seem to find a k7 rated for 4000psi. Am I missing something or are they only used on 3500 and lower machines? I had a hose burst on me the other day and feel a k7 would help my hoses last longer. I prefer running r1 hoses just for the lightness.

They are rated @3500 but many run them @4000 without issue.

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Do you really need 4000 ?

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No. I would rather have more gpm. But i figure I should run this pump until it goes out. It’s a 7 gpm at 4000. I’ll order an unloader tomorrow and give it a go. Thanks!

Edit: I guess I could just set it at 3500 psi?

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What pump is it . You might be able to get 8gpm just me resizing the pulley

That’s interesting. I have a 3500 psi , 4.8 gpm hotsy pump. It’s set at 3.5 ,says the Hotsy dealer. I’d like more gpm as well…

Tsf 1819. From my understanding it’s tapped out where im at. I honestly wouldn’t care to replace it tomorrow with a larger udor pump.

Yep it’s maxed

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I guess I’m lucky. Bought mine factory installed by Pressure Pro on the one I have now. Came preset to specs and 3/8" hose., I’ve literally never touched it in 2 years. Bought a spare about a year ago when Ennvirospec had on sale, still in spares box. I have no idea what my inlet and outlet sizes are. It just works and I’ll never have anything else.


I’m guessing I would need a bigger motor to get more gpm out of my pump.

That’s what’s unfortunate about this setup. It’s got a 24 Hp Vanguard so I have plenty of horsepower. The only reason I am on the fence about just changing the pump is I could just spend that money towards an 8gpm cold unit and save the use on my hot unit when I don’t need the heat (also not have that added restriction). Who knows. Im just part time and I seem to get work done fast enough.

I’m thinking the exact same thing. Throw my money at a bigger gpm cold washer and split the truck washing. One guy on truck with hot machine ,other guy on trailer with cold machine .

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So I fired up my 8gpm machine with the k7 unloader brand new unit and it pulsing all the time… any help on fixing this would be great… the bypass hose kick every 10 to 20 sec… almost like it has air in the system when I hold down the trigger it will go away but when I let go keeps doing it. If I try and use the ball valve it will steady pulse water out…

You need a smaller bypass port or just use smaller bypass hose will do the trick most the time too. What size is your bypass line? If 3/8, switch to 1/4". The bypass port should be one size smaller than the inlet (pressure port).

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It’s the same unit where you bought yours from I think the bypass line is 3/8 I made a video but won’t let me share