K7 Unloader washer replacement

I have GP k7 unloaders and have been having problems with the flat washer on the inlet side of the valve. It somehow keeps wearing out or getting crushed down then the unloader will leak from that area. The washer material is very soft, maybe zinc or something, I can easily bend with my hands. Any recommendations? My setup is from pump, to unloader block, to unloader valve , etc.

Washer? I don’t think I have one on my inlet side, but I haven’t looked in awhile. Pretty sure my jumper hose from the pump goes right in. I’ll look later unless someone else pipes in.

I believe it is part #31 on the diagram. I’m out of state and don’t have the unit with me.

I had a spare unloader so here is a pic. It’s the silver washer that you can see in the picture. Maybe I’m not tightening the unloader down enough? It’s on the bypass side.

@Viking76 Those aluminum washers are one time use so are the bonded seal washers. Think engine oil pan drain bolt sealing washer. You always replace with new after they have been tightened/scored. Google 3/8 BSPP bonded seal washer and use that as opposed to the aluminum washer you have now.

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