K7 Unloader ?’s

What’s the deal with k7 unloaders… Got a new machine and it’s got a k7 unloader… I’m not familiar with these unloaders…

I have a few questions…

What happens when a hose bursts? Do they react like a regular unloader?

Can I use 250 feet of hose? Reliably

What about my ball valve? I rely on it and I’d hate not to be able to use it…

Will a chemical injector cause it to act weird??

It’s the same as any other flow actuated unloader. You can do all the same stuff as you do with trap unloader. Your hose can still blow if it wears out. Sometimes there can be a delay with a pressure tip. Once you go flow actuated you never go back.


I’ve got the k5, but it’s supposed to work on a similar principle.

  • Hoses will still burst just like a regular unloader, though possibly less often because you’re not carrying high pressure in the line all the time.
  • 250’ of hose should be no problem
  • choking back with a ball valve too much will cause the unloader to cycle. The unloader is designed to work within a certain gpm range. Bypass more than that, and it goes wonky.
  • I have no trouble with injectors. And I think they’re less likely to get the ball jammed with a flow unloader. You might have issues if you suck air into the line with it, though I haven’t had any issues when I’ve run out of bleach on occasion.
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I use my ball valve all the time. you just have to find the sweet spot on the valve. it’s a lot easier on my shoulder than a trapped unloader.


I’ve read several posts on adjusting the k7. Do you need a pressure gauge to adjust it correctly? Or can I just tighten the bolt until there is a trickle of water from the bypass when the trigger is pulled?

I used a pressure gauge to test it after adjusting it.


Definitely use a pressure gauge to set it. Once it’s set it shouldn’t need to be adjusted.

You’ll need a gauge as close to the pump as possible to dial in the spike when you release the trigger. Right off the hose reel is fine.

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Until it’s on it’s way out then you can snug down the now weak spring to get some more life out of it.