K7 or Valves

New machine, Pressure Pro 8/3500, about a year ago. Only 552hrs. Ordered it with a K7 (saves my joints). Machine has run great til today. It was running fine for an hour until it had a loss of power with “machine gun” pattern. Then, when I came off the trigger it went into bypass off and on until I shut it down. Poked around it for a few, fired it back up and it worked for maybe 3 or 4 trigger squeezes, each time losing power til the machine gun came back. My last machine ran a K7 for 3 years just fine but I know they can be finicky. Also, may be a bad check valve but I thought Id ask the panel. Thanks for any help guys!

Or, just maybe this is the problem

Looking like my last customer needs to change his well filter.

Any chance this sediment just jammed up my unloader?

Yikes! :grimacing: Sorry man. That sucks!

Do you have an online filter or is that going right to the pressure washer?

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Yes, I have a Banjo 80 mesh before the machine.

Dang. You think the silt just ran right past that? Sorry if I’m asking dumb questions. I’ve been lucky enough to not have had to pull from well water. I believe I have that same filter as well so I’ll be paying attention to this thread.

Hindsight is 20/20. I do a lot of well water houses and I filter pre and post buffer tank. It isn’t just well water houses, the junk I pulled out of the strainer on one house last year was amazing. Apparently the town had just redone some water lines and the homeowner never flushed out their hose bibs.

552 hours on anything sounds like a who knows to me. I’ve had stuff last forever and the replacement part die in weeks.

Good luck

You’ve been doing this longer than me, I don’t know the correct process for clearing it, I just made one up on my own. I go, filters, hose, injector(plumbed through reel), unloader. Unfortunately I have had more than one clog before. Do you have air on your rig, you can blast your injector line to make sure no junk is in there then switch to water to make sure that isn’t the issue. I check my buffer and chem tank and filters everyday I work because someone put trash in there once

You may want to run the machine without an unloader to see if the pistons didn’t get scored.


Good idea, thanks.

Ok so two weeks later, what’s the verdict?