Just wondering

Hello all. I consider myself still very new to the business of pressure washing and quite frankly, new to being a business owner. If someone could share some perspective on the following, i would appreciate it.

A commercial client wants the parking lot pressure washed and restriped. The head of the engineering department is a good customer and I have done over $10k worth of work there. He knows i dont stripe and is ok with me subbing out that portion of the job.

While trying to get a quote for the striping, one vendor replied that he cant give a quote because I run a pressure wash business. Is this due to liability issues or possibly overlping competion…or maybe just a business practice for that vendor?

Thanks for any insight!

My guess would be that they also do power washing. Sort of an odd response to make, but everyone has to run their businesses the way they see fit.

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He probably wants the whole job. Just go find a company you can build a relationship with. If you do a good job more than likely you will get another parking lot