Just wanted to say thanks


Hey guys, Brodie, Racer and many others thanks for all the info. Just wanted to introduce myself. Ive been reading daily trying to learn as much as possible. Bought the equipment from Lori a 8gpm cold water and just ordered some signs from Tim. My brother and I are at a place when we can go all in on this. Wife’s are supporting us and we are starting to line up work. Only thing i need is some help on pricing in south east nc if any one is around here. Dont want to under bid but want to be competitive with the market here. Homes are around 2000 sq feet with siding no brick. Also what are yall charging for driveways any input appreciated.
Thanks guys


Thank you. You have been doing a lot of reading. Matbe some of the guys in your area can help. On houses I’d start out at about .12/sq ft based on house size and see what happens. You want to win about 60-70% of your bids. On drives if I’m already there, charge about $20,per space. So say a 4 car driveway I’d be at $80 (2 cars parked side by side 2 deep). Normally shoot for about .15/per ft on larger including post treatment. But sometimes that’s a little high around here. But every area different. Good luck


Ben, where are you located?


Thanks for the reply really appreciate it.


Racer I love the idea about charging per space! What do you do about the ramp pieces on the driveway?


Wilmington, right near the beach!


Shoots, I’m in Morehead City…about 2 hours N of you. Follow what @Racer says and adjust accordingly. I read a post from Brodie, I think, that said if everyone says yes, you’re too low. If most people say no, you’re too high.


Yea just need to do some bids that arent for neighbors or family to get a good idea of the market.


Not very big here, just throw them in.


Im ashamed to say it… but i dont do much flat work but i really want to.

But for me $80 standard driveway if added on with house wash. If they call me for just driveway (doesnt happen much) itll be around $120 for same size.


Hey Hook, where do you get your SH from? I got a place to buy it just wanting to make sure its the best price.


Buy it from Coastal Carolina Supply. Best price I have seen around here so far. Hoping it’ll get cheaper with an increase in volume.


How much are you paying for a 55gal drum? They told me if I had my own it would be $35 to fill it. I paid $39 for a 15 gal filled. Just making sure I heard them right.


It’s $2.50/gal with your own tank. If you need a tank the 15gal come with a 20 or 25 refundable fee.


Must have heard her wrong then. I thought she said that a 55 drum can be filled for $30. I have about 8-10 of the 15 gal barrels. When I called to ask they told me I had to have their drum but when I got there they changed their story. Go to the Hostess House on Hwy 70 in Newport and ask if they got anymore 15gal for sale. I paid $8 for mine.


Copy I’ll check that out