Just tinkering in the shop

So I was tinkering in the shop today and decided to use some spare stuff. Any suggestions?


Come tinker with my rig. Still haven’t even hooked up my 12volt system properly just unplugging and plugging up quick connects every time lol.


Where do you find your quick connects for 12v?

Camlocks. AG stores or Amazon for the lazy (me).

What did you seal the bolt holes with

I was referring to electrical quick connects just the standard 10 gauge ones you can find anywhere, but if you are referring to the hose gator lock quick connects tractor supply carries them in store.

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@Firefighter4hire thats nice man keeps everything nice and secure and watertight… I’m like you @Grizz I havent finished setting up my 12v system yet myself.

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So I drilled and tapped the box then put quad silicone on each bolt and tightened it down with a rubber o ring on the bottom

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Does the pump get hot and need venting?

I dont know but I do have a small 12v fan that will run when the pump is turned on should push enough air to keep the batteries and the pump cool.

I still got alot to do gotta build battery tray install the charger or hook it to the trailer charging system I have not decided on that one yet. Plumb it and install fans.

Me and racer have a similar setup. I have yet to have a problem with over heating and we have ran racers for hours with no over heating.

I got a waterproof rv exhaust fan it will power on when I hit pump button but only come on if thermostat trips. May be overkill but it was like 30 bucks why not. Also got 5 bank toggle set with volt meter read out that glows blue which I didn’t need but sometimes I cant help myself


My battery tray is 4 L brackets lol. Battery fits snug and hasn’t moved a bit. Cost under $5 and took 2 minutes. Trace the battery and screwed them down.

Forgive my lack of knowledge… but how long will a battery last after full charge?

Not really sure I put mine on charge every night. But all day


That’s what I’m thinking something similar with a strap to hold it down

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Sorry the pictures stink but I got the wiring done on new 12v system

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