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I am on a few other sites including the WCR forum under the name Jared. Someone else with a nice name like my own has beat me to the punch here so I am using our company name. Bethany Associates has been serving the NJ PA DE area for 20 years. We have been primarily a window cleaning company with a growing powerwashing division. We service many of our window cleaning customers pressure washing needs. This has worked well in our model. We have been as large as 20+ employees. With better systems, tools, more efficient management we have reduced our workforce and increased our bottom line. We have fewer headaches and stress. I have learned much from many on various boards and look forward to contributing when I can and learning as much as possible.

I am interested in some further training this summer and fall. We are members of the PWNA but would like to supplement what they offer with other opportunities. If you know of other events for power washing comin up please let me know with a PM, call or post. Thanks again!

Welcome, Jared good to see you over here

Hello Jared how are you doing…???

Doug, I have been doing well. I haven’t called for a while. We are having our best year by far. The soft washing services have been really taking off. We have had a good boom on everything really. It has been a bit crazy working nights at times too. It is all good really. I am taking a week off starting tomorrow. My mom, sister, and niece are flying in from Ca. and we are going to the shore for a week. I am looking for to a little R&R. I keep seeing your facebook posts of you doing great work. How’s business? I hope all is well for you and the schools are productive.

Although we are doing fantastic there is always more to learn and grow in. I was trying to find if there was an event like last year down in Tampa. I didn’t make it but it sounded like a real hit. I think Kory over at PWI put it on. I might hit the PWNA again but I am really wanting to try some other event.

Welcome! Good to see you!

There will be a PWRA event in Huntsville, Alabama in November hosted by Jeremy Kiefer. It’s going to be very informational and will focus on power washing exclusively.
The next one after that is NOLA 2013 (formally known as the 6th Annual New Orleans Contractor Networking Event- whew!) January 25, 26. It is a business- building event. All of the pre-sale tickets are sold out but you can get on the wait list at http://nola2013preregistration.eventbrite.com/ .

Stay tuned here for more info on both events!

Hey Jared! I try to keep up with events on our website. Go to ecleanmag.com and click the events tab.
Thad, keep me posted on the November event please. Thx

Thanks Allison and Thad. I took a look at your page Allison, before posting here and I didn’t get a page. I thought you had pulled the info or something. I’ll take a look today. Thanks again for the lead on where to go in Nashville last year.

Yes been very busy here too…Schol is going great. Pretty sure Kory will have another in Tampa next year, I think’s that an every 2 year sort of thing. Call me anytime if I can help. Have a great time with the Family.

hmmmm. I don’t know. I doublechecked to make sure it was working and it is: http://www.ecleanmag.com/events/

Not a lot of pressure washing events, per se, going on that I know of over the summer. Schools, but not round tables, etc.
October appears to be when it gets busy.

Thanks Allison. I just checked and it loaded fine! Thad I will look into NOLA. I know it has been a real hit in the past. I will take a look at the info. Thanks