Just in Time for Halloween: Removing Egg from Vinyl and Vehicles

Knowing that eggs can remove paint from siding and vehicles (I had it happen to my car years ago), I decided to do some research on how to safely remove the remnants from mischievous goblins and ghouls. I studied the topic on several of the industry forums, found some DIY articles (which I later found were primarily wrong), then stumbled across an article from Popular Mechanics that interviewed several food service professionals who have to remove eggs from surfaces on a daily basis. Most of my information came from that last source. Hope it’s helpful. Removing Raw Egg from Vinyl Siding and Vehicles | eClean Magazine

Please feel free to let me know or comment on the article if there are things I should add.

Pretty interesting! I imagine it’ll be VERY useful tomorrow night! Maybe even a niche thing you can advertise for the day after!! :wink: