Just for you @Patriotspwashing


Here is one just for you @Patriotspwashing

5000sqft of nothing but Hardie Board siding. Whatcha think? This is about typical in my area. Not all are this big, but similar construction. Not a lot of vinyl in my area.


did you already wash it?


Honestly, white probably won’t give you any troubles…

Do you wash a lot of hardi ?


@Patriotspwashing No, not yet. Just went and looked at it this afternoon to give an estimate. I knew it was going to be a bigger house, so wanted to put my eyes on it before I quoted it. The front isn’t that bad, but the rest is pretty dirty. Should clean up nice.

And yes, hardie is used a lot in my area. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues with it. Let’s just hope that continues. I was glad to see that it was at least white. However, I have washed many that were colored as well. Even a couple of tans and greens that @Innocentbystander says stay away from. If I am questioning it, I’ll do a few test spots, and have even done a few tests that I have given a couple days to make sure. So far I’ve had success with them.


At least your going about it smart. In my areas hardi is rare…so I pass on every single one of them


My parents wanted me to wash their house and it’s hardie plank painted a dark gray. I told them the risks involved they said they didn’t care. They painted the siding but none of the white and it was very dirty.

I just treated it like a standard painted house with wood siding and it came out great.

If you’re worried about the paint fading i wouldn’t worry about the white or light colors especially if you cleaned a test spot. If you’re worried about something else please let me know.


75% of houses in my area have some hardi on them - usually the sides and back are 50% brick/50% hardi. I have not had any issues yet. They do tend to be white/off white in color so maybe that is why?

I guess I don’t understand the issue with cleaning hardi. It is just like any other painted surface (albeit don’t use much pressure). How does it differ from say painted wood trim/eves, etc.?


A type of sherwin Williams paint that is made for hardi has organic pigments in it that bleach can mess with. It’s not a fading or stripping issue.


It may be other brands, but I know sherwin Williams blue on hardi is no good


My area is about the same. And luckily I haven’t had any issues either. I’ve treated it the same as every other painted surface and have had good results with it. There have been some posts regarding issues with it though. @Patriotspwashing we’re discussing it in a previous thread from a while back and now I think about it every time I deal with it. So I had to post the pic and kinda pick at him when I saw that house yesterday. He’s definitely made me more aware of the issues and potential for problems which I’ve appreciated.


I must have missed the other threads on it. Thanks for the info. I don’t wash blue whether it be painted or vinyl. There are too many homes around here with blue siding turning pink from either washing or just sun bleached. It’s not worth it to wash them.