Just do it

This post is for anyone starting out. I’m not the oldest here nor am I a vet in the industry by any means but I have found this to be a solid foundation for me. It’s your pace you want to grow. Some say invest in marketing, others in equipment, take classes, watch this video, and so on. Get educated first for sure and honestly I haven’t found a place more generous with resources and knowledge than the fine folks here of PWR. Second after you get legal get out there and do it. No one is going to make the hard decisions for you. Expect things to go wrong. I had a problem of wanting someone to hold my hand. Once I got out there I grew in confidence, knowledge, skill, pricing, and mainly as a person. Research, post pics, ask questions, and go stack Dem racks. Oh and make sure you provide top notch quality service and I promise you will stay busy and bring value to your company

Best part of it all. Knowing they’re happy.


Love it. Go get some.

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Amen! You can research and watch videos till the cows come home. Somethings can only be taught through actual experience.

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