Just did my math on my ROI


…well part of it… just the 8gpm
My machine has given me $344.75/hr since I bought it


That’s a pretty impressive number. Does that include time driven to and from the worksite?


Is that hours on the job excluding gas, chems, etc?




No it doesnt.
I have another spread sheet for that


Just total revenue divided by hours the machine ran

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*labor hour


Will % on chem costs and gas used by machine… when i get off bed.


Well crap…mine as only had a ROI of 8 gmp…must be doing something wrong

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I can’t seem to find the time for spread sheets.

Yet I somehow find the time to read these posts. Maybe my priorities need some reordering.


Well, if you can run that machine 20hrs per wk for 52wks…that is 1040hrs at $344.75 per hour for a total of $358, 540 per year…not bad for ONE machine.

Yeah, right!

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I use excel for my finances.
So i write all down for my cpa

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I am not in Florida
But that math is nice


Fuel for machines 1.41% of total Revenue
Chemicals 5.14% of total revenue


You forgot one thing, ya’ll house washers only wash about 6 months, then hibernate. :sleeping:

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Pretty much everything I’ve made the past 6 months has gone back into the business. I’m almost finished with the new trailer and once I get the generator (leaning towards the predator 9000) and vac hose reel my recovery will be complete for about a year then I hope to do filtration for reuse. so I don’t have a profit margin yet lol


Do you do gutter cleaning and roof cleaning with your 8gpm machine?


Inside gutter i use 4gpm.
Roof 8gpm or 4gpm.

But gutter cleaning i charge a lot cause it is messy.


Pretty much everything I’ve made for the past 2 seasons has gone back into the business.
I am gearing up for my retirement from my regular job (17 months and counting)
Then I plan on hitting it hard like @squidskc has, and he has left an awesome footprint for people to follow, you just have to read to find it.
I love the math stuff, I like statistics.
Did you know that 88.6% of people believe any statistic they hear, and that 67.9% of statistics are made up on the spot?


We squirt water all the way down to 33° if we think it won’t freeze and most of us get on the road at 2am in the summer to avoid the heat. Who wants to do that? lol Oh yeah that’s me

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