Just curious on price

Is this a good price? I’ve looked at other places but this one beats all I have found.

It’s 7gpm @ 100psi max.

Do you have an Atwoods nearby? They’re $219 there and you can just go pick it up and not have to worry about shipping damage. Otherwise, yes, that price is reasonable.

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Closest Atwood’s for me would probably be up in Arkansassy. And I try to stay out of that place. Lol. You know old Tiger versus Razorbacks. I have Tractor supply close but they are over $329. Probably a week or more to get it.

Tractor Supply price matches on tanks so I bet they would on pumps


Thanks. I never knew or payed much attention to the price match just looked it up on their website and ole TSC does. I personally don’t go there much cause everytime I do they want to order what I need. I told the guy last time how can you call yourselves tractor supply when you don’t have supplies for tractors. :man_shrugging:

They did match my 65gal tank. Pretty painless really.

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Sprayer Depot has a Delavan with the same specs for $198 and free shipping.

The company was founded in 1938 as a mail order catalog business offering tractor parts to America’s family farmers

TSC stands for ,Trash ,poop,China

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Just saw one at farm and home for $199 today actually.

Farm and Home has good gun prices. Surprises me because I don’t think there are that many Farm and Home stores. Plus, they’re privately owned. We only have one near me and it’s in a smaller town about an hour away.

They do. I was in there to buy a g43x today. They didn’t have the black slide so I didnt buy a new toy. Managed to kill 2 hours though :grin:

Is that Orscheln Farm & Home?

I think so. I believe each store is independently owned tho. I really don’t know much about them except that they have cheap gun prices…lol… The only time I’d stop in that one is when I was in town working a shutdown at the power plant.

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Most dont carrying in store. Would have to jump through loops to make that happen. Honestly not worth the trouble to save a few bucks.

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That’s weird. Mine does. Though I think they only carry up to the 5.5. I don’t remember seeing a 7gpm in there.

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Huh. I’d never heard of them and just happened to roll by one on my way to pick up chemicals after taking the backroads to get there. Good to know!

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