Just bought a used belt driven PW!

Hi, my name is fernando i just bought a Graco Gforce 4043 belt driven 4000psi 4.3gpm pressure washer at a pawn shop for $750, i have looked for reviews on this machine but i cant find any… what do you think guys? It has a Vanguard 16hp engine with electric star, it works good … if you know the machine lr have heard of it, can tou tell me the pros and cons?
Another thing i plug it straight to the garden hose, does it have the availabilty to suck water from a tank by itself , i mean, will gravity be enough to feed this thing?


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I can’t speak to the pulling from a tank but I gravity feed from my tank with a direct drive without any problems.

Belt drive, it should pull great.

Should i buy a suction hose?, or can i use a smaller garden hose?

If using a water tank I would recommend crush-proof hose to a filter and from filter to the machine. You will be surprised how much debris a filter picks up even from a “clean” water source.

You want a suction hose, garden hose and it’s fittings not airtight.

Here’s a pretty good reference for plumbing your pressure washer:


Thank you guys for your advices, i am about to start this business, thats why i have many doubts, my eyes hurt from
Reading so much

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Racer, where do you get those blue filters on your water supply line, like you have in your video?