Just another Yard Sign post


Greetings, Washers.

Printing, like any industry, is volatile. Peaks and valleys. As such, I have available time on my flatbeds until the end of the month. So I have 2 options:

  1. Send the operator home when he’s out of things to print.
  2. Fill the press.

I REALLY don’t want to go with option 1. It’s getting into the holidays and I’m sure his kids have their little hearts set on as much random and useless crap as my kids do. Actually I don’t know if he has kids. But our deal was he’d get his 40 each week and I can’t go back on my word.

Option 2 it is.

I’m pretty certain my sign pricing is competitive. We typically charge $125/10. But in the interest of keeping a very expensive machine running (and a very good operator running it) I’m going to change that to 12. $125 for 12 yard signs. Standard Yard Sign size: 18 x 24", Full color 2 sides.

For those of you who have not worked with me before, here’s some important information:

  • We will create your custom art. We will not charge for doing so.
  • We will make art revisions upon request. We will not charge for doing so.
  • We will include H-Stakes with every order. We will not charge for doing so.
    (in fact, if you do not need stakes, we will charge you less)
  • We will ship to your door. We will not charge for doing so. Lower 48 only. Sorry, Alaska.

The $125 price is all-in. The easier I make your life, the easier I make my life.

Based on our current schedule, turn time is pretty quick these days. I think the last batch I ran for a PWRA guy he approved art last Tuesday around 10PM and his signs were delivered Friday morning.

I can commit to the $125/12 until end of November. After that it may stop, and it may be continued. Just depends on schedule at that time.

Let me know if questions.