Just Added Window Cleaning Division!

We just added our 3rd and final division to our company. AZ Window Cleaners. We are pretty pumped up about getting into the window cleaning business. I paid $900 for our new domain so hopefully it was worth the buy!!

Check out the new site: window cleaning phoenix

Wish me luck!!

Congrats, hope it works out for you. I read your thread over at wcr and I think you made a good buy.

Cool. Good for you. This season I gave up doing the interiors. Just not for me. I’m a power washer not a window cleaner. Best of luck to you.

Similar mind set.
I gave up window cleaning around 12 yrs ago and passed it on to my good pal who did gutters and windows as a business. He since passed away on Christmas day 2009 from his ailments from 9-11, right after he coached his only daughters basketball game the day before and he laid out the x-mas presents under the tree. Hero FDNY firefighter Jim Ryan, dying of pancreatic cancer, makes plea to Congress to pass 9/11 bill - NY Daily News

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Good luck with it… Very nice website.

I really like your web site. Very well done. Good luck.

I agree great website.