Just about finished up

Just finished building. Working out some kinks with the soft wash will post pics when finished what do you all think ?


Looks like a money-making machine to me man - nice work!

What size trailer is that?

Looks great

It’ll make money! Do you back into people’s driveways or did you place the reels on the street side for a reason?

I would get rid of that 90 on the outlet of your mixing valve, swap it with a straight nipple. That hose can be as long as you need to eliminate the 90, think circle not square with plumbing.

Placed them on the side because most of the time I just pull up driver side on the street and pull them straight off the left towards the front of the house. Also I take my washer on and off after each job.

Appreciate it! It’s definitely been a process. It’s a 7x10 trailer.

Appreciate the input I was thinking the same thing once I attached it but didn’t have a straight 1/2 barbs will have to order one and replace. Didn’t know how much a elbow would restrict and redirect flow.

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Judy fyi @Cchabot , that wood is going to let you down id start making plans to replace it. Also, reels are on right side of trailers due to you can be ticketed parking on wrong side of street. You can still use reels as you have installed, but keep in mind that they need to be completely clear of sharp areas if they are to be laid across trailer. Vibrations can also cause a hose to be worn thru by something its touching. Good luck out there.

Thanks for the input nothing sharp if I pulled from the other side just a soft wash box still working out the kinks and trying to get customers is the real challenge. Figured only has so much life out of the pallets. What’s a good alternative ?

Steel plate bolted to frame or welded.

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And rhino lined or stainless.

Hey, nice build! Can you post some more pics? Have you done some trial runs yet?

Appreciate it I’ll upload some pictures some time today. Did a test yesterday had a issue with my rain barrel feeding my washer. Working out those kinks might just use the rain barrel just to feed my soft wash system.

Where are you from? I’m still stumped by pulling up to the customer’s house on the driver’s side. Maybe you live where they drive on the opposite side of the road as as here?