Just a few more things


I was originally wanting to wait until my trailer got here to actually introduce myself but I’m going to go ahead and get it out of the way.

My name is Dalton and I live in Springfield MO. Im 24 years old. I’m going to be starting Premier Power Wash Llc. I already have my business liscense, insurance and pretty much everything I need except my new pressure washing rig. I know everyone likes to build their own and I think that’s what I will do on the next one but considering everything I’ve had going on and being new and not knowing just yet how I would want everything laid out I decided to just buy one. I ordered it through Power line industries. It’s a 7 gpm/4000 psi hot water pressure washer. It will be ready to ship out in a few weeks. I’ll update you guys on that after it gets here.

I have a 4K/4gpm I’ve used around the shop for a few years I just didn’t think I wanted to start a pressure washing business with it. The few short months before I would have wanted to upgrade I thought may have gave people the wrong impression of a fly by nighter. I’ve spent countless hours doing research for this. And I want to start it strong. I’m going to spend the next few weeks I have getting the rest of things in order. I’m not sure what to do on a website just yet and may just start without one.

Our pool stores don’t carry sodium hypochlorite only calcium hypochlorite due to the shelf life. There is a Univar and a Brentagg in town. When I called for quotes Univar never called me back which has me leaning towards Brentagg simply due to customer service. They both have a $500 minimum for pickup and $1000 for delivery. Where am I going with this? Haha

Anyway I hope to be a contributing member to this forum. I have gained invaluable knowledge from you guys and feel like I know almost all of you. Thanks for continually helping us little guys out.


Good attitude. You’ll be fine.


You’re not really Dalton from Missouri until you rip a man’s throat out while wearing white sweat pants and doing boxing workouts in a barn on an old sea bag.

Jk let me know if I can help at all.


It doesn’t matter what your family and friends or anyone on this forum thinks about you…only two things matter in the end 1. Are you happy 2. Your bank acct

Good Luck!


You will do ok if you hustle and you behave yourself admirably here. Not to discount what @Patriotspwashing said but, being happy and paying bills aren’t always hand in hand. I hate this profession more than any other job I’ve had or business I’ve owned. But. it’s easy work and the money is great. Local company called Baker Roofing has been around since 1902. Over 1k employees. I see there motto everyday on all their trucks.
That’s how to run a business


I hate this job at times also…and then I think I could be working in a factory third shift ( I did for a year after the army) for about 1/5th of the $$

Then I’m happy again lol


I remember delivering pizzas, working for a custom closet install company, this past winter spending a couple days helping install a water heater, and recently installed a toilet in my own house… And all the time thinking these jobs suck. And I can’t really leave when I want to or schedule a half day every week or whatever.

A union plumber would get $98/hour to install that toilet. If I do it right I can do $300+ an hour on housewashes and it’s arguably easier and a lot more fun.

I love this business. Haha


I just hate talking on the phone with customers and running the business. I’m happy as heck washing.


That’s actually where my parents got my name. They had just lost my brother a year earlier. My dad said he need a ‘tough’ son. I honestly can’t tell you how many times in my life someone over 40 has said to me ‘I thought you’d be bigger’ haha

I’ve been fortunate in my life. They only debt I have is on my house which I bought two years ago. I really shouldn’t have to much of a hard time making it by if it’s slow in the beginning. I’ve been to college for several technical things. I actually have my HVAC license. (Want to hate a job? You get called out when it’s either hot or freezing only to crawl into someone’s attic or crawl space for not enough money) I’ve even drove a Truck with my dad for a little bit running team. I don’t even know where the washing idea came from. I’ve done so many things for myself just not knowing what I wanted to do then this hit me. And I’m extremely passionate about it. I’ve been doing so many tests and have several jobs lined up for family. My uncle also owns several hotels in Branson I will be spending some time on in the beginning.

I’m just trying to let you guys know a little about me since I know so much about you all. This forum has been an invaluable resource. I almost feel I’ve read almost everything on here lol thanks again guys. I look forward to meeting anyone else who is going to the convention in August.


That’s interesting. They copied that motto from Collis Potter Huntington who built a shipyard in 1886. I had seen that motto before and thought to copy it but didn’t want to infringe on them and then I find out it’s not original to Baker roofing at all… Hmmm…



Man, I wish you hadn’t told me that. He was a crook. I’ve always had respect for Baker until now. That’s as bad as stealing website content. Crap


It’s a great motto! Do they have a license on it? Content is one thing. A great anecdote is another.

I might steal it if it’s not trademarked!


That’s not a boxing workout it’s tai chi…dont they teach ya anything in the coast guard Squid ;>)


You all can get crapped on by birds with me all day if you don’t like your job. This is one of the properties I deal with.


I’m good lol I can’t stand seagulls. Nastiest birds ever.


I’m still trying to figure out this $300 an hour deal and how I can get to that!


House washes average $350. I can typically finish an average two story house from roll out to roll up in an hour and 15 minutes. If they want something else done it’s obviously extra. Right now we get 2 hours per house. Not a minute more unless we want to be behind.

With a couple big jobs mixed in there this is what life looks like since September through November when we shut down and just fired back up here fully in April with a handful of jobs in March due to weather. So each invoice is worth about $1000. May, June, July, are huge months. This month will finish just under $16k.

What I’m saying is if you do a great job efficiently $300/hr is probably on the low end.


I’m following you @squidskc I’m just a little over that 1 hour and 15 mins per house still. I’m newer and want to make sure I’m doing everything right so I’m slower right now than I’d like to be but I’m ok with it. And I’m not averaging quite that on a house wash right now either. I started out strong and the last 2 weeks its slacked off for some reason. I still have a days this month that aren’t filled and only ONE scheduled for next week. I’m still trying to figure all this out and hopeful that it continues to take off and I’m knocking out your kind of numbers! But this is my second job also so I do still have money coming in.


There are plenty of people here doing better numbers than me. I can’t scale right now until I get the truck built.


Right now it’s just me and one other guy whose been with me for two seasons…we’ve been knocking out $300house washes in and out in 40 minutes.

Not bragging… how do some of you all deal with customers who think it’s fishy. Lately I’ve been getting strange comments from customers. They have no problem paying the price until they see it only took 40 minutes. There “last guy” took 6 hours