Jumper ID for 8gpm

The jumper hose from pump to unloader block was leaking at the swivel. Went to a local shop and they gave me 3/8 and said it’ll be good. 5/8 is what came factory on the 8gpm hot water skid.

3/8 or 5/8 or doesn’t matter?

I’d definitely go get your money back and get 5/8. Any hydraulic shop can make up a jumper for you. I go to the local Napa because those guys usually know how to help someone without using their computer and if it’s not in the computer they don’t give you that open mouthed 1000 yard stare…

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I’ve already installed it. I bought it from a pressure washing dealer and repair. You would think they know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t. Which is why I ask here. Hopefully it can get me through tomorrow until I can get to a Napa.

I’m thinking they could be right though due to the pump outlet being 3/8th fpt. However it’s probably safer to go back with the original id.

I have no doubts that it will “work” but is it the most efficient? We do so many things to get the best flow out of our machines it just makes more sense to me to go back with what you had. Some folks claim that the whip line and the first 50’ of hose should be larger. I don’t prescribe to all that but if it had 5/8 before I’d want 5/8 to replace it. If you’re cool with it then keep on keepin’ on brother!

I’m cool with it for a few days as long as it’s not causing damage.

Yea I considered what you mentioned 50’ 1/2”, when building. Decided against it. I have 1.5 supply, which I’m told is overkill. Going with 1” when I get around to plumbing this new machine.

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Your already running 200 ft of 3/8… a 3 ft jumper won’t make a difference…let alone the inner diameter of your injector


That’s also true. My line of thinking is as much flow as possible leading to the injector and reel because after that its going to be restricted anyhow. Like I said, I’m sure it works but I’m a smidgen anal retentive…