Joining machines?

So I have a couple pressure washers. One is a 3.5 gpm 4000 psi machine, one is a 2.8 gpm 3000 psi machine. I have been wondering if I can run them together with the difference in power.
My next question is what tips you would run on a surface cleaner with the bigger of the two machines?
I tried to find this and can’t seem to figure it out. Sorry if it’s already posted

Yes you can. I think i put some info on that subject. The main thing is do not forget to put check valves or else be ready to cus like a sailor when that handle kicks back on you lol

Help me understand this a little better. If I want to achieve 2500 psi, with my machine. Which nozzle should I use

Thanks! I will be looking more into this.

Choose the psi you’re looking for highlighted in yellow. Follow the column down until you see the gpm of your machine. Follow that row to the left to see the nozzle size. Remember, if looking for a surface cleaner that uses 2 tips you have to divide the gpm of your machine by 2 since you’ll be using 2 nozzles. For example, if you have a 4 gpm machine each nozzle on the surface cleaner will put out 2 gpm. If you were using a gun and wand one nozzle would be putting out 4 gpm.

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Don’t do that. Buy the right equipment.


Yes i agree with what your are saying but if that will help people make more money so they can buy a better machine its all good. Just dont be thinking thats a pro way to do it all the time… do it for the interim so you can make money and buy a dedicated machine.

I disagree. It is a bad idea. If put together even slightly wrong it can be dangerous. You can destroy equipment or send parts flying at high velocity. Safety should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

If you want to save money buy a cheap engine and slap a cheap gear driven pump on it with a decent unloader.

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