Joining groups AS my business facebook page

I see in some groups that i would like to join AS MY BUSINESS PAGE, there are other businesses able to make posts within that group. However, when I click to join a group, it only allows my PERSONAL page to join. There is no option for me, as the Admin of my business page, to join as my business page.

Is anyone here really well versed with their business on Facebook and could maybe message me?

There’s a real good chance those other “businesses” pages are just personal pages with a business name.

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That’d be my guess, too.

Instead of singing up as “John Smith” they signed up as “xyz pressure washing”. So it’s not really a “page” but a personal “profile”.

I know what you’re talking about, and it’s confounded me, as well. What I finally ended up doing, is signing up under my personal profile (which has very strict privacy settings), and then just “share” posts from my business page to the group.

And no, other business owners are not simply making a profile and relabeling it as their business name (well, yeah, some people do that, too). They’re using legit business pages to join these local groups. I even reached out to one of them to find out how they did it, and I had no success following their instructions.

Usually when I join a group I have to click if I want it to be my business or personal

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In some scenarios,I’ve had to join under my own personal account and then share a post from my biz page, like what Infinity stated above. On my phone, I can’t do it as easily, but on a desktop / laptop, I can often times change between my personal account and my biz account when making a post by clicking on the image of me / my biz page when making the post - it’s usually at the bottom right corner of the post I believe as I’m typing up the post . In order for that to work though, I would have had to of been accepted into the group as both my personal and biz account.

They used to allow businesses to join groups under their business name. They no longer allow that. Maybe some of the posts are from those who were grandfathered in, others use their FB name as a business name. If it is a FB “Group” I haven’t seen or been able to switch from personal to business. If it is an a “Page” you can switch. If I am wrong please let me know how to do it because I use my wife’s profile and she gets annoyed with all the pressure washing stuff on her profile.

I have an official PAGE but never see an option to join a group or post AS the page - only my personal.