Join the PWRA this week and we will buy your Huntsville Workshop ticket!



Hey Thad, question for ya. If I join the WCRA and use my credit for the PWRA do I still get a ticket to the event? Was thinking of doing that and that would be a sweet bonus.:smiley:

No, but you can join the PWRA at regular price then you can join WCRA for $99 plus we will buy your ticket to Huntsville.

Ok, that sounds pretty good too. Thanks Thad.

You better hurry up before I change my mind!

You can check out the full PWRA benefits list here:

We have been adding SO many new partnerships and benefits its been hard to keep up with adding to the site…

Dang…always a day late and a dollar short…ok just a day late:)

I beat ya to this deal lol…