Join the PWRA and get $150 to Southside Equipment!

Hello all! We just wanted to let you know of our latest promotion which would be a great thing to take advantage of! For a limited time join the PWRA at standard price and get a $150 gift certificate to Southside Equipment! This is a fantastic deal as you get access to the coolest pressure washing association around and free money to the fabulous Southside Equipment.

Winter is basically here and we know for many of you that means business is slowing down. Don’t let that stop you though! This down time is the perfect time to work on your marketing with help from the PWRA. Get ready for a busy Spring with all of the resources we offer. Download free marketing material and use the discounts that truly save you advertising and marketing costs, like At Cost Printing and the Editing Service. Learn more about networking and watch exclusive webinars that can help your business. Don’t forget that when you join the PWRA you get a giant sticker in the mail. Epic and totally worth it. :slight_smile:

Any questions? No problem! Email me at and I would love to help!

Join today!

That’s really generous of Russ. People who aren’t PWRA members yet should jump on this offer. Also now is the best time to buy year end deals from these distributors and there are PWRA discounts as well from them. Sweet!!

Agreed John! It is a great deal! :slight_smile: Already had some people take advantage of it!

I tried to register but I kept getting an error message after submitting my payment

[MENTION=7889]JessicaPWR[/MENTION] will be along in a moment to help you out Aritt

[MENTION=8115]AquaTek2013[/MENTION] Hey–so sorry for your frustration! I just received your email and I sent you an email back so please check your inbox. We received your payment and once you fill out the member sheet which I emailed to you I will get you built into the PWRA system asap! You actually signed up multiple times by mistake but I have taken care of it and refunded the amount to your card. You are all set don’t worry! Any more questions feel free to give me a call as well 862-273-7156!

Thanks to both of you!

No, no, no! He’s in my town!
Keep his multiple sign ups and tell him we’re full!

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I keed, I keed…
Welcome to the PWRA, Arritt. Let’s make plans to grab a beverage soon.

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Lol! Sounds good Thad! Maybe we can devise a plan to break ol’ 100.00 super wash lol jk

Folks, Thad has more to do with me joining than any of the great deals the PWRA has to offer! He has been good to me and I think we are building a great working relationship that will serve us both well and bring a higher standard to pressure washing in our area! Thanks, Thad!

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