John K. Wyatt

Please help me welcome John K. Wyatt of All Washed Up in Claremore, OK to the Pressure Washing Resource Association!

Welcome John K. to the PWRA.

Welcome John!

Welch John

John is a first year NOLA Event alumni. It was good to meet him and his lovely wife Janell (her more than him) and we’ll see you next year, John!

Good to see you here John

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Thanks for the welcome. Janell appreciates the comments, as well, Thad. She looks forward to 2014 NOLA and a little Thad karaoke.

Anyways, I have my unit, just a 4gpm belt drive to start up, coming tomorrow from Along with some accessories and a Whisper surface cleaner. Look forward to getting going.

What is everyone’s favorite house wash setup and chemicals?

Thanks again, and I look forward to learning from you all. Hopefully I can make it to a pressure washing event in the future.

I like the name! Welcome to the site!

Welcome John, glad to see you joined

We usually do a live music thing. I skipped this year because I was so sick.
Next year me, Chris See Cartwright, Joe Burke, and co. will be rocking a private party on the hotel balcony.

Sounds like you are starting like a lot of people did, four gallons per minute and a classic. Except you have the PWR at your side. That is a distinct advantage that many didn’t have.

House wash is a scoop of simple cherry, a couple gallons of SH 12%, and a few gallons of water.

Oh, and welcome to the site.